ProAc 1 SC vs. ProAc D1

I would appreciate feedback from anyone familar with both models. Is there a significant difference? Thank You.
I own the 1SC. I auditioned the DI in my listening room. In comparing the SC to the D1, I liked the SC better. However, I also auditioned the D2 in my listening room. I like the D2 better then the SC. My advice is get a dealer to let you audition all these in your listening room. That is the only way to tell. And, of course, stands are a must, shot loaded is possible.
The sound of D1 is more brighter and sharper than 1sc
I prefer the SC's warmer sound.
Do those of you who preferred the SC feel as though the D1 review samples were sufficiently broken in before the comparison?
I have a pair of Response 2's (original front ported version, though I have also owned the rear ported 2S model and a pair of Studio 1's) and they are a little large for my present listening area. I was thinking of putting them in the closet and getting a pair of D1's for the time being. I've also considered a used pair of 1SC's and that's how I ended up here on this thread.
I'm getting the impression from comments I've read that the D1's might not deliver the ProAc magic I've grown accustomed to. Thoughts?
This is silly, the D1 is every bit better than the 1SC. It uses the same tweeter, upgraded driver, upgraded crossover, better proportioned encosure, new sound insulation lined interior etc etc. All this being said, it sounds better. It maintains all the midrange magic and adds deeper, better dynamics. I am shocked people preferred the older one, but maybe the new one was not broken in or who knows. The D2 is a totally different sound......not nearly the same midrange magic or extended highs as D1.
Nice to hear an opposing opinion, Acurus! The reason I asked about break-in is that it has been my experience that these mid-range drivers with the rubber surrounds that are so common these days take a very long time to break in compared to the foam surrounds of old. (Yeah, I've been away for awhile!)
I have a pair of Snell K7's in my second system (very nice little speakers but not ProAcs by any stretch of the imagination)which are similar in size to a 1SC with a driver which looks much like the MR driver in the D1. They took seemingly forever to break in and the transformation was anything but subtle. They are, by nature, a little on the bright side, but almost intolerable before they were broken in.
Having re-read this posting again I wanted to place another post. I have no idea how someone could say the 1SC is warmer? The D1 goes lower and provides a fuller sound to my ears, usually a fuller sound gives a warmer presentation.....given the tweeters are identical, I just don't see it is possible. Again, just my opinion. I have also owned BOTH the 1SC and D1......
hi,i have owned the 1sc for 12years had the D1 in my house for 10 days. i do think the 1sc is better, just because so called driver cabinet exc. have been upgrated does not make something better.ever here the expresion if its not broke dont fix it.currently i am a harbeth owner. good luck
Dmastri, you proved the point of several posters. Unless the pair you have was used and already appropriately broken in, it seems that they require significant break-in and maybe your 12 year old pair had more breakin time than the 10 day one? Again, I have owned BOTH and the D1 had deeper more refined bass and seemed to disappear more easily....although both are benchmarks in this regard. To each is own.
I agree the 1sc is better than the D1 and think the sig 8's are better than both.
I think you guys need to specify what kind of components you listen to Proacs with. They reveal everything starting from the source components. They completely take on the personality of the amp and source driving them since they are freaky transparent. I have had some brightness problems (i am very sensitive to it by the way) and some thinness in the midbass with 8 Signatures for example driven by Primare. I would love to get your opinion on which proac would sound least bright or sweet with Naim gear. Thanks
The 1Sc with its scanspeak drivers had more matured and natural midrange and treble as well. I have heard the response D2 and thought it to be just another speaker, nothing "Proac" about it.
hmm, all the discussions just summarize that ProAc does not sound warm and musical enough?
I find Proac speakers to be some of the most musical speakers out there. As others have pointed out they are ruthlessly revealing so you get what you give them. 

@chrshanl37  Interesting, that means need quite some struggles if to play ProAc speakers? Need tube?
hmm, I thought Proac had a rep for being user friendly to work with? 
with associated gear I mean.
I would say they are more work to get right than say Spendors which are warmer sounding and more forgiving.

and yet this review says Spendor's  edge towards the leaner, brighter side of neutral.  I guess it would depend on several variables.

Kclone I can only speak for the models I owned which were the 1sc, response 1.5 and response 2.5. I had several amps with them tubes and solid state and always found them very enjoyable. Perhaps I should clarify my statement about the Spendors, this again is based on the Spendors I have listened to, I have not heard every model in either line so perhaps take my opinion with a grain of salt. All I can say for sure is that Proac and Spendor make very musical speakers.
Interesting revival of a thread from 2010. I have owned quite a few Proac speakers including Tablettes, Response 2, Response 2.5 and now Response D40r.

All have been fairly easy to drive with great natural sound. I would not call the Proac sound lean or bright.

I have used various tube and solid state amps. 
Actually, the Proac 1SC has a 0.75 inch tweeter, while the DB1 has a 1.0 inch 
tweeter. Both speakers are equipped with 5.0 inch main drivers. I own the 1SC's,
the Response 2's, Response 2S's and the Response D2's. I like the 1SC's best.
Hi, given your experiences with ProAc monitors, which model would be a logical choice if I were to replace my Response D15's due to moving to a smaller room. I'd like to keep the same basic sound of the D15's. Thanks for any opinions. YBA amplification.