Proac 1.5 v.s 2.5

Provided the upstream components are good (Levinson 380S and yet to be determined amp or possibly a scaling down to Levinson 383 integrated), can someone tell me about their experience in comparing the Proacs 1.5 and 2.5. Obviously the 2.5 goes deeper, but the burning question is, based on overall impressions, is the extra $1500 for the 2.5's worth it? Appreciate any and all opinions. Thanks.
I have heard them both in dealers. I later went to another dealer to hear something else, not knowing they had Proac, and that guy told me he dropped the 2.5 after the 1.5 came out, both because he just liked it better and because he said it was making it hard to sell the 2.5. I actually think they sound quite different, with the venerable 2.5 sounding fuller, richer and softer. The 1.5 was quicker, seemed to love the Classe amps it was hooked up to (a good sign for Levinson), had great resolution without sounding dry and could rock better than the big brother. At 3500, I think it kills the competition, and I listened to many speakers in that range, as it was my original price point about a year ago. The 2.5 is usually demonstrated with tubes, and is considered a great jazz speaker. I liked the 1.5 more, but I was looking for a speaker that would move more air, and ended up not buying either Proac, but spending even more than the 2.5. They are both excellent speakers, and you will need to listen to decide between them, as they really have different flavors.
Yes, I believe the cost difference between the 1.5's and 2.5's is worth it. I spent a long while auditioning both speakers and ended up with the 2.5's. The additional bottom end (and it has fabulous bass) combined with its much larger soundstage and extremely rich midrange put it in a different class entirely. What Whknopp0713 says about the speed of the 1.5's is true -- they are quicker and seem a bit more detailed than the 2.5's. But the overall sound is much smaller, a bit brighter, and lacking the midrange luxury of the 2.5's, which is why folks like me that like tubes enjoy the big brother quite a bit more.

Like all speakers, its a matter of taste. For a home theater setup, I think the 1.5's with a quality sub would be a great fit. For two channel audio however, there really is no comparison between the two. As always, everyone's ears and tastes are different, so your mileage may vary. I suggest that you find a dealer that carries ProAc and try them out both on SS electronics and with tubes and see what you think.

-- Ken