ProAc 1.5, Joseph Audio RM22si, Tyler Ref. monitor

I am looking to buy a new pair of speakers in the $2K-$2.5K
range. Those mentioned above made my short list. I am interested in others experiences, evalutations, recommendations, pros & cons. I listen to Jazz, new age, classical.
While you're there listen tho Joseph 7's.Maggie has a cuttie 1.6 @1600 new $1200 used so if your space would allow it a used set of 3.5/6's.Bump up your in bid and listen to a pair of B&W Nautilus 803's (need power) and get a set for $3500 used.I would say a used pair of 804N's but way worth the extra dough for the 803's.They are dark but for the dough they rock!You could buy 805's and a number of $2K mointors and save dough but your budget will buy you more bass.Given the list you's got Dynaudio might be worth a shot.If you have again space,current,and hard walll Martin Logan.Lastly and just in your range would be a pair used of Audio Physic Virgo.Lot's of stuff out there.need to match room size and power etc.I am intrigued by what some of these french speakers like Triangle sound like.Sam Tellig has been pumping them up lately something fierce'.Lot's o' choices.
I'd add the Soliloquy 5.3 and Silverline Panatella II, both of which offer more bass weight than the above-listed speakers but need some room to breathe to really open up(at least 3-4 feet from back wall). I chose the 5.3 over the RM22 due to fuller midrange, deeper bass, and better detail, but the 22s are easier to place in a room. I like the ProAcs a lot but think they're a bit overpriced vs. the others listed. Best of luck and have fun.

I, too, am currently on a quest for speakers in the same price range. I have listened and read extensively about several speakers in this price range, and I have to second the suggestion by Chazzbo; try to audition some of the Dynaudios. I listened to several in the Contour line and I am now a convert (previously a big B&W fan). Two words that come to mind are transparency and resolution. Of the speakers on your list, I have only listened to the ProAc's. I loved the midrange, but they just didn't have the resolve and balanced presentation that I found with the Dynaudios. With your music preference, the Dyn's would really shine - I have not heard a more accurate reproduction of piano and acoustic instruments. These speakers may not be for everyone, though. One criticism that I have heard is that they are too analytical. I simply feel that they are accurate - they sound and measure extremely flat throughout the frequency spectrum. They are also relatively inefficient(86dB), so probably better suited to a SS(>80W) amp.
I am ordering a pair of 1.3SE's - which are versions of the 1.3mkII that were designed without regard to cost, and then priced. They retail for $3500, but I am getting a CES pair for the lower end of your range.
I have no affiliation with Dynaudio, although my post may seem like it. I am just that impressed with these speakers. You may want to check out the Aug 2000 review by John Atkinson in Stereopile of the 1.3mkII's. It also includes a sidebar on the 1.3SE's. Good luck in your quest.
I am sure the Dynaudio is a fine speaker. But if john atkinson likes it, I would think twice. I bet it measures very good. Please, do not buy on a reviewer's say so. You will get much more useful information from some of the Agon members than you will from the professional reviewers. Just my opinion. Do like Mraybeck did. Audition for yourself.
You bring up a good point, Brulee - and I agree completely. However, with so many fine products available, the vast majority of which are difficult for many A-goners to audition, reviews are a good STARTING point. They also provide a far better technical description of the product, design philosophy, etc. than I could ever provide in a short post. In the end, this hobby is highly subjective and you must like what YOU hear, regardless of what any experienced A-goner or reviewer thinks. Just my .02
That's a nice list of speakers, and like most everyone else I agree that you really need to audition things for yourself as listening is so very subjective. Everyone weighs attributes so differently it's a wonder that recommendations are of any value at all! That having been said, I must suggest that you audition the Merlin TSM Millenium. I have amazed more than a few listeners with this speakers big, deep soundstage, incredible balance and natural tone. From folk to new age, its a winner and right in your price range. If you'd like more information don't hesitate to contact me.