Pro Sound XLR Cables?

Hi everyone. I've assembled my system and solicit advice regarding Pro Audio/Sound Reinforcement XLR connections as contrasted to high-end/esoteric cableing. Any ruminations? The system: Sony XA7ES, Jeff Rowland Consummate Pre, Spectron Musician II Amp, Gallo Nucleus Reference II speakers. Thanks. -Sam
Some of the high end recording studios will use the esoteric audophile type cables for microphones and interconnects between the equipment and playback system but I suspect that many don't.

For sound reinforcement I think other things take priority in their choice of cable. For concerts, they make custom snakes to connect many microphones, monitors etc to help make it quicker to set up. They also need long runs of cable, so the high end stuff would be way too expensive. Shielding is a main concern to eliminate noise over the long runs. The cables also must be durable to stand up to the moving, packing up and setting up for concerts. So things like soundstage, clarity, detail and other design considerations taken into account in for the high end cables are not at the top of the list for sound reinforcement use. In addition, the type of equipment used for sound reinforcement probably doesn't reveal the benefits of high end cables as well as high end reproduction equipment does.
Thank you, Panzercat, for the reply. -Sam
Several years back one of the reviewers for Stereophile used a cable made by Canare for balanced interconnects. I believe the model was Star Quad. It may have been Quad Star, but that's close. His "claim" was that for the price and the ability to cut his own lengths the cable was a great buy. He claimed that sonically it rivaled many of the mid-priced cables of that time at much lower prices. I have never tried it and I don't know of anyone that has, but it may be worth a shot. Good Luck, Doug