Pro Sound XLR Cables?

Hi everyone. I've assembled my system and solicit advice regarding Pro Audio/Sound Reinforcement XLR connections as contrasted to high-end/esoteric cableing. Any ruminations? The system: Sony XA7ES, Jeff Rowland Consummate Pre, Spectron Musician II Amp, Gallo Nucleus Reference II speakers. Thanks. -Sam

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Thank you, Panzercat, for the reply. -Sam
Hello Doug and 70242. Thank you for the informative replies! I just purchased 2 pairs of Cardas Golden Cross, one meter balanced interconnects and Audioquest Crystal+/
Forest+ cables. It appears that I have a little more discretionary income than time...hmm, that isn't accurate - lol. My inaugural listening experience was FABULOUS! I have my priorities . Perhaps, at some juncture, I'll attempt to construct some DIY Cat5, Belden, and Canare interconnects and cables. I'd wish to thank my local audio professional whose expertise, time, and pricing policies afforded me the opportunity to obtain these components. I must search that thread which acknowledges "good dealers" and extol the business acumen of a truly delightful dealer. Thanks again to all who replied. -Sam