Pro's Con's for bridging an amp?

What are the pro's and con's for bridging an amp? my speskers are Thiel 3.6 (4ohm)The amp I want to bridge is the Bel Canto EVo 200.2 One Bel Canto in stereo can't drive the Thiels at high vol.but other wise sounds great. I know that bridging will drop the impeadence to about 2 ohms any sugestions?
Different situations may have different results. General rule of thumb is you will only get a 3db increase by doubling the watts. But it isn't just that 3db. You get extra headroom;freeing up the speaker/presentation. In car speak-It's like a car straining to go 70mph. Vs being able to cruise effortlessly at 75. / At least that's how it worked for me. No better time to say your milage may vary.------ I guess I was lucky-----Can't describe the down side, but I'm sure some situations are complicated.
Some amps do not sound as good bridged as they do 2 channel, even though they are putting out more power. The sound quality of an amp is very dependent on the power trasformer(s). If the power supply is optimized for two lower power channels, it may not work as well with one higher power channel.
Also, your speakers are difficult to drive, even for a speaker rated at 4omh. You may have to try it out before you will know. I have heard very different results from amps with similar power output ratings driving my 4ohm Totems. There are lots of great amps and speakers out there, the trick is finding a good match.
I hope someone with firsthand experience with the EVo can help, good luck.