Pro PA Amp Recommendation

A fellow audiophile friend and I are amateur musicians and are looking to buy a power amp and PA cabinets for use in a basement and light outdoor settings. (We have a mixing board and effects already.) Do any of you other audiophile/musicians have any recommendations for amps and speakers for this applications?

We are looking to spend around $1000 for the combination and sound quality is as important to us as quantity. We also don't need extremely heavy duty stuff since we won't be hauling it all over the place on a regular basis.

Thanks for any ideas.

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I would recommend Mackie amps and Community XLT series of PA cabinents. The models I own and used in our rehersal studio and on the road for over three years with no problems are the M-1400i amps (3 of them), XLT46 (3 way speaker) and the XLT415 (4 - 15 in. subs powered by an older QSC 85 pound monster, the subs stays in the studio when we play out in bars but enjoys the outdoors). Other cabinents in our arsenal are by E/V. Good brands of PA cabinents are E/V, JBL; great ones: EAW and Meyer Sound to name a few.
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