Pro-ject Tube Box SEII setting with Blackbird cart

Any advise on how to set the SEII with the Blackbird? The SEII accepts both MM and MC and I have been told to use the MM setting for the high output BB which is of course an MM cart. Just wondering if anyone has done this and how does it sound. My SEII is on the way to me and will arrive next week.
if you are talking about Sumiko Blackbird, that is a high putput Moving Coil cartridge and not an MM. Try different settings and see which one sounds best. Loading is important too.
Thanks for the response. Yes, it is the Sumiko. I mistakenly called it a MM in my original post. Because it is high output, I've been told to set the SEII for an MM cart. Does this make sense? THe SEII also has settings for various loads so I should be able to match it correctly.
I woulld try it with MC settings first. Is your linestage high gain or low gain?
It all comes down to the mv. output of the cart. Yes it is a MC, but, it has the high output of a typical MM. Use the MM input. Not sure if plugging it into the MC input would hurt anything, but, I wouldn't try it. I did this myself years ago out of curiosity with a Bluepoint Special and Classe DR4 preamp. It sounded awful and was overloading the phono section. After quickly disconnecting, I was glad to find no damage was done to the preamp.
Thanks for the response. The Blackbird is rated at 2.5 mv output voltage. The Tube Box SEII is rated at 40 db gain for MM and 60 db gain for MC.