Pro-ject RPM5 9c counterweight issue

Can someone confirm the rubber seal/bearing on the inside of the counterweight is attached. Noticed my counterweight crooked on the tonearm and also it was drifting right when queuing.

I removed weight and the inner sleeve is disconnected allowing alot of movement. Is this normal or should i replace?
I'm not sure of what you're describing but you mention that the tonearm was drifting when cueing. The counterweight is positioned on a shaft that is underslung to the tonearm tube and can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise to the tonearm tube. It's supposed to be positioned exactly vertical to the tonearm to maintain proper balance. But if it gets repositioned from vertical, even a slight amount, the tonearm will no longer be balanced vertically and will drift when cueing and will exert side forces when playing records.

Check to be sure the counterweight shaft hasn't moved from the correct position.

Also, the counterweight isn't tightly secured to the shaft and depending on the O-ring/nut that holds the counterweight in place it may have shifted somewhat and the counterweight may not be centered. Usually you can just reposition the counterweight with a little force. If the internal O-ring has come loose you may be able to reposition it back into its proper place. If not, you can purchase a replacement.

Again, I'm not exactly sure what you're describing so my suggestions may not apply.