Pro-Ject RPM10.1 Evolution, any users here?


Yesterday I came across a used, but mint, Pro-Ject RPM10.1 Evolution turntable for sale at a reputable dealer. I did not have time to have him hook it up for an audition, but it looked incredible and the price seemed to be good ($2200). I am going back tomorrow to do a proper audition.

It has the Ground-It Deluxe base, a Pro-Ject Evolution 10" tapered carbon fiber tonearm, a Sumiko Blackbird cartridge, and an acrylic dustcover. It looks as if it's new, I couldn’t find a mark on it.

I would like to know if there is anyone on here that has experience with this table that can share some insight or personal impressions.

Thank you.
Pro-Ject’s upper end tables sound very warm, lush and full, with rock solid speed stability and deep bass with excellent detail and great upper extension. Dynamics however suffer a little (subjective based on my system). I owned an Xtension 10 (piano black) and had it for a year then sold it to my brother so its still in the family.... The RPM 10.1 uses the same 10" carbon fiber evolution tonearm.

Problems I didn’t like:
1. Little shark fin handle on the static head shell does not make life easy.
2. Connecting or changing Phono cables is a Major Pain!
3. Don’t like 5 pin din connector underneath table!
4. Changing cartridges is tricky (u better know what your doing) because the tonearm wires are very tiny and cartridge clips are a chore to deal with.

Matt M

Thanks for the reply, Matt. I want a nice table that I can be happy with for a long while.

What table did you end up upgrading to?

I ended up with a MUCH different table, one that I can upgrade to my hearts content, when i’m ready. It’s a J.A. Michell Gyro SE with TechnoArm the latest edition (three point mount). I’m very happy with how this table sounds...Dynamic and lively with solid low end, great initial attack on edges, with lots of jump factor. It also excels at detail, top end extension and a beautiful natural tone very uncolored, this table is built like a tank and very reliable. This is the last table I’ll need or want...unless I win the Mega lotto!