Pro Ject RM1.3 Any Good!

I am new to the Turntable world and am looking for an entry level TT. Is the ProJect RM 1.3 any good ? Any thoughts, advice would be helpful  !!  Thanks!
@rsa - I do not own, and have not heard the RM 1.3. However, I do own the Pro-Ject Carbon Debut Esprit SB. I'm pretty happy with it at it's price point. It sounds very good, but is just a little noisy relative to much more expensive TT's. The RM 1.3 is less expensive (on-sale now for $369), has an aluminum S-shaped tone arm instead of the carbon one, a minimalist plinth, no speed control and no dust cover. For my money, the Debut Esprit is a better value. I won't buy a TT that doesn't have a dust cover and buying a custom acrylic one for a table like the RM 1.3 would blow the budget for me.

Good luck with your foray into vinyl.
I'm with Ruebent on this one.  A few years ago, I had this table for all of a week before taking it back to my dealer to get something significantly better (and have since upgraded again).  For the money I think it's OK, but seriously, the lack of a dust cover was a real deal breaker for me. 

If you're looking for something inexpensive simply to test the waters with vinyl then either you'll abandon the format completely or want to upgrade to something better in pretty short order.

If you're already committed to vinyl, then I'd consider increasing your budget and moving up the product line.  As you do, you'll also get a table bundled with a better cartridge than the Sumiko Pearl.


I think a dust cover is insignificant for a turntable. the ones that are hinged actually add vibrations into the table and really should be removed when listening. so I would not base your table decisions on a dust cover as most high end ones don't have them anyway. The project tables along with Rega and some others are good quality tables for starting out. you may also want to consider a used vintage table as your first table.  A good vibration free place to put your table and proper record care products are more important then a dust cover.

+ 1 for glennewdick, One thing I love about my new Pioneer PLX-1000 TT
is it has a handsome smoked dust cover with no hinges , just small indents
that hold it when you put it back on .
Other thing is it sounds as least as good as my  2K  Project .
Thanks for all the help! I will keep looking!
I owned one for about 4 years....its a decent sounding table. 

However I recently went to a VPI Scout and it is an amazing improvement. People told me to save my money and buy more of a table when I was looking at the RPM....I didnt listen so I will tell you....Save Your Money For A Better Table :-) 

With that said the RPM was in my budget at the time and it served me very well. In the end I wish I was experiencing the music long ago like I am now with the Scout.