Pro-ject Primary vs Primary E vs Debut III

What's the difference and which one is better? Worth it?? 

Thanks in advance!

alonper, there are several very significant changes. First is the drive.
The Primary E uses just a plain AC synchronous motor which depends on the accuracy of the frequency coming into the house. You switch speeds by flipping the belt to the next step on the pulley. 
The Debut Carbon Evo on the other hand has an electronically driven AC Synchronous motor. Flipping a switch changes the speed. This kind of drive (AC motor driven by an electronic oscillator) is more accurate and many feel that this is the best way to drive a platter under any circumstance. The platter is two piece and dampened. 
The tonearm is carbon not aluminum and concial not a straight tube.
If you do not plan on upgrading the turntable in the future then by all means get the Debut. The only major things it is missing are an isolated dust cover and a suspension. These can be added down the line. 
If money is tight and this is not going to be a last stop turntable than get the Primary. It will be serviceable until you can move up.  
Hi Mijostyn,
thank you for the detailed comparison.
Truth is that I am looking to 2nd hand turntable, and the Pro-ject took my attention.
In my area there are currently for sale 2 : the Debut III DC (not carbon..) and the Primary.. both with pretty same price and in a good condition.

What would you recommend me to go for?

Thanks again