Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 display for sampling frequency

My Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 displays a sampling frequency of 44.1k no matter what file I choose. For example, if I play a high res file recorded at 96k, the display still shows 44.1k. My other DACs will show the sampling frequency correctly, so I know it is not the files (downloaded from HD Tracks).

I have the box connected directly to my Dell laptop via USB and using latest Windows 10 OS. Device properties are set to Default.
Anyone else have this issue?
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I have a Pre-Box S2 Digital; haven't had that issue.  It displays both bit depth and sampling frequency correctly, and the MQA light/colors work too.  In fact, it's been about perfect.  Actually one of the most unflappable pieces of gear I've ever owned. And I love the sound.

I've had a few head-scratchers like yours, and I usually find the problem back at the source.  Windows updates, Tidal updates, your music player, be it JRiver, Audirvana, Windows, somehow all sorts of settings get mauled in the laptop and they need to be straightened out.  I also believe that in Windows 10  there's an option to limit the rate to 44.1/16 (but I can't find it so how trustworthy am I?!?).  Anyway, I'd look upstream.    

I eventually added a Streambox S2 Ultra.  More reliable than the laptop, and of course sounds significantly better.  But oddly, that's where I have a similar issue to yours - the on-screen display always show 44.1/16 bit.  Unless an MQA file streams, then it always shows 44.1/24 bit.  At the same time, if I look at the display on my Pre-Box S2, it's always correct.  Go figure.

Good luck finding that annoying bug!