Pro-Ject phono preamps?

Does anyone have experience or opinions on the Pro-Ject phono preamps? I'm interested in possibly getting the solid state RS or the tube DS. I'm a bit torn as I'd like the superior resolution of the RS but would want the lushness and holographic sound tubes offer.

I also considered the Ear 834 but thats a big jump in price. Also, as odd as it may sound, I'm completely downsizing, hence my attraction to the mini sized Pro-Ject line.
If you are completely downsizing, you should probably change your tag here to something like Tweeter.003

Unhelpful, I know. I should have resisted.
I had the tube box SE, it sounded ok but I upgraded for the same price to a Hagerman Cornet
I used to have the tube box SE and I thought it was very good until I tried a Linn Linto I purchased used for $800. The Linn was far better to my ears.
I hate to say it because I own a Pro-Ject Xtension 10, I don't like any and especially the cheaper Pro-Ject models under $500(they all sound very uninvolving). Spend the xtra money and get the EAR or something similar. Trust me...The phono pre IS the gateway to great vinyl sound.
Personally I prefer the sound quality of the RS over the Tube S/DS. If you want the both of best worlds, you could consider using the RS for your phono preamp and buying a small inexpensive tube buffer to slip into your signal path.
Unhelpful but humorous. But why 003? I think Mid003 may be better as I'm not downsizing to that degree.
Thanks Grinnell. Unfortunately the Hagerman does not accept MC (I have a DL103).

Thanks Chayro.

Matt, thank you, just curious, have you heard Pro Ject phono preamps? May I ask if you have heard the RS phono preamp? It is supposedly a higher range model than the SE and DS series.
No reason. .003 is small compared to 72 is all. Anyway, only you know the true extent of your shrinkage.
Neko, I am leaning towards the RS. I think at the end of the day, I'd prefer accuracy over the tube glow. A buffer is a good idea, I could use it when I crave tubes (at other times I wouldn't want to compromise the signal path). I was actually planning to get one to put between my tuner and preamp. Any recommendations for a good small tube buffer that won't degrade the signal too much?

If you really want to downsize (the unit is small) and get great sound try a Ray Samuels Nighthawk F=117. New $795, but they show up here used occasionally.
I'm afraid I don't have a lot of experience with different tube buffers, but the one I've read a bit about is the one Grant Fidelity / Yaqin. It's relatively inexpensive and small.
I use the Phonobox 2 and Phonobo 2SE. Both are excellent for the money but I have have two Clearaudio ones.

I think the Pro-ject ones are very competent but not exceptional. The RS offers a lot of flexibility but I went for the 2-box Clearaudio Basic Plus which was more even sounding and a better fit with my Clearaudio tables.

If you are running a Pro-ject tables, the RS is a great choice. Add a nice Ortofon cartridge and play lots of records.