Pro-Ject Phono Box II USB

A co-worker of mine is wanting to purchase a unit that will allow him to create digital files from his vinyl. He is currently thinking about the Pro-Ject Phono Box II USB (about $200 US I believe). Are there any suggestions as to a better unit for similar money?

As a secondary topic, he is also in knowing if a unit like this would have a negative effect on the sound quality of his system since it's an intermediate piece. His turntable is connected to an Onkyo stereo receiver that is about three years old. I was thinking that the outboard phono preamp might actually be an improvement?

I think he would be willing to spend up to about $400 if he could be convinced that the playback quality through his system would be significantly better in comparison. He's not really concerned about the quality of the digital files being created. He also plans to hook the unit up and leave it installed.
Does he want cd resolution only or higher?
CD resolution is just fine with him. His biggest concern is not degrading the sound quality on his system with the "box" connected.