Pro-ject one Dr-331 set-up

Can someone help me? I bought this turntable as a introduction into analog. It came partially disassembled. I understand how to put it together with the exception of a Appox 6" diam. metal shim that was included.
Also looking for general instruction on setting the pitch on the stylus.
Next and most embarrasing I do not see a way to power it up on the tanble(ie on/off Switch). Is there a secondary box that this needs to pug into to get power to the table.
Last-I have a lexicon DC-1 that I was going to run the table through. Can I do this through the Aux port or do I need a seperate phono stage and then through the Aux port?
I have looked on-line for data and can't find anything and the seller is not available to help.