Pro-ject Leather-It in the States

Anyone know of a distributor for the Pro-ject Leather-It platter met in the US? So far I cannot find a single listing for someone selling it here.

And if it isn't available here is there an alternative? I'm not too keen on trying to cut my own, but would consider it if there is a place to get a decent 12x12 bit of leather from which to cut it, I suppose.
These people have anything you could possibly want (try a few different kinds ;--) You can order online, but I'll bet they have a store near you. And they might even have pre-cut round pieces -- doesn't hurt to ask.
I looked at that site. The deerskin looked good.
Deerskin is really a nice leather. Very soft. perfect for a mat.
There is a guy who sells nice leather TT mats on Ebay. $27/ mat. Smooth leather on the up side, a grippy suede for the down side. Or you can get suede for both sides. And they come in colors. And they work. Noticeable sonic improvement. Good guy to deal with too.