Pro-Ject Extension 12 to SME Model 10

I am considering upgrading my turntable from a Pro-Ject Extension 12 to a SME Model 10.
Would this be a worth while upgrade?
Would it actually sound better?
Is there another turntable in the price range of the SME Model 10 to consider?
I am unfamiliar with the benefits of upgrading the turntable as this is the first that I have owned.
I would keep my current cartridge a Sumiko Pearwood Celebration II.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank You
A better table is *very* important when upgrading. Some say most important, I just say a critical element of the 4 pieces ( table / arm / cart / cable ).
As to options, not sure what the SME 10 goes for but iirc around $6k with arm no? If so there are option both new and vintage worth researching ( SME does build fine tables but yes there are others).
Do you have any words about what you like about your vinyl experience and what you are less thrilled about? Might help suggestions...
I would assume an SME table would be better than any Project turntable.  I have no experience, just an opinion. 
Give this a read: its pretty rare to see tables compared that are so far apart in price but its pretty well written ( I have two out of the four tables myself ):
My suggestion would be to listen to it to help you make a decision. It would be very hard to determine whether to make the switch even based on the impressions of someone that has heard both. At a certain level of audio product, what's "better" becomes much more subjective.

I have not heard a SME Model 10, but I have listened to a well set up SME Model 30 for several hours. While I admired the sound quality for attributes that audiophiles care about (darkness of background, speed of transients, precision of its sound quality), it didn't move me. On the other hand, I loved the sound of a Rega Planar 10 set up in the same shop and in the same room. I would be happier having the Planar 10 than the SME Model 30. So I think you need to listen to the SME Model 10 to decide how you feel about it. The SME certainly seems to be built well, but that shouldn't be a deciding factor about a certain price point.
Thank you for the responses.

The Pro-Ject Extension 12 is the companies first venture into making a higher end product which lists for $5000 and punches above its weight so to speak. It includes a 12" carbon fiber arm and it is sturdy as it weighs over 50 lbs.

I have been told that my turntable is the weak link in my system. My system consist of a Conrad Johnson ARTsa amplifier, Conrad Johnson ET7s2 for a Preamp, Audio Research Ref 2 se Phono Pre and Nola Grand Metro Reference Gold Speakers.

I find vinyl to have a much fuller sound with better low end grunt, separation of instruments, more detail, black space between instruments, better clarity in vocals and simply more pleasing to my ears.

Any suggestions on a turntable that would be an upgrade giving me more of the positive attributes that vinyl delivers?

The turn table does not have to be a SME. I would buy a used turntable as I can get better value.

Thank you for the advice.