PRO-JECT DEBUT III o r REGA - P1 Turntables

So, its time to revive my old vinyl collection.
Dont need a "mega bucks" turntable neither a Technics DJ
Im in the $300-$350 spending area
So read lots of reviews regarding these 2 specially the Project Debut III... yeah glossy cpoured finished :-0
They have moreless the same price and look similar.
Wich one would you get?
Finally, recomed a place to get it? internation shipping a must! preferntly UPS or the other couriers
regards from Mexico
Ed :-)
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I have been looking a lot at both turntables myself. I haven't purchased yet, but I would probably go with the Pro-ject. The Rega uses a MDF platter, as opposed to a metal alloy platter for the Pro-ject. I have read that MDF platters deaden the sound somewhat and you wind up going with an aftermarket acrylic platter. At this point, I begin to think about how inconvenient I thought vinyl was in the first place and I wind up sticking with digital.

Regards, Rich