Pro-Ject Debut III and Denon Cartridge


I've bought a Project Debut III turntable and the man at the store convinced me to upgrade to a Denon MC High Output cartridge (I got the 106). Anyway, after trying to adjust every thing and so on I've noticed when you place the stylus on the outer groove, it would skid across to the inside, jumping a few grooves. The Denon manual clearly states that this models can't be used on turntables with metal parts (I think they mean ferrous metals, as these atract magnets) and so off I wen't and had to get the Ortofon back. Im just posting this as anyone can have the same idea and I'm sparing them the trouble. Besides skiping, the cartrigde is atracted to the place, stressing the stylus and wearing your records off...

all the best,

I've never had a MC cartridge but the general consensus that I've heard is that you can't use them with platters made from a ferrous metal.
MC cartridges use larger magnets which attract the to any magnteic surface. The standard platter of the debut is magnetic and will, indeed, attract the cartridge. You can avoid this by changing the platter for a cast model (as used in higher models) and then continue to use your Denon cartridge. Hope this helps.