Pro-ject Debut Carbon vs Debut III ??

What's the difference and which one is better? Worth it?? Thanks
The Debut Carbon has the Carbon Tonearm, (thus the name). IMHO, the Carbon is well worth the little extra money over the older Debut III.

I've setup several of the Debut Carbon tables for people and am very impressed with this table for the money.
I can get a Debut III for $300 and the Carbon is $400. Is it worth 1/3 more? That's signficant.
-Debut III only 11" platter, Debut Carbon 12" alloy platter;
A vinyl record is 12" in diameter.
-Debut III low-end cart, Debut Carbon has Ortofon Red cart.
-Debut Carbon has better motor suspension. (less noise)
-Debut Carbon has a one-piece carbon-fiber tonearm.

Well worth the money. Like most people, if you buy the lower model, in 6 months time you'll be looking to upgrade.
Sorry, I forgot about the Ortofon Red cartridge being
included. That alone is worth the extra $100. So, IMHO, the
extra $100 for the Debut Carbon is WELL worth the investment.
Besides all the pluses that have been mention for the Carbon, here is another one. The ability to use your own interconnects with the Carbon as the Debut is hardwired.

When I compare the two, the Carbon is so well priced for everything you get, it is the Debut that looks overpriced to me. Even at its clearance price!

Put your mind at ease and get the Carbon!
Be careful, both of these tables canhave low tonearm bearing tolerances = bad = can damage your records.
No issue with the arm. I have been running a Debut 3 for 5 years. Probably have 5,000 hours omit with no issues. I also have higher end tables to compare and no LPs have been damaged. Project makes a very fine budget record deck. But yes the Carbon is the way to go if you afford to.
I have used a Debut II for 5 years on my 3000 LP collection with no issues. The arm does not suck. It is quite functional and work well with your record assuming you have a well matched cartridge (I use a At95ce from LP Gear). I also use the heavier counterweight which I got when I used an Ortofon 2M red.

For sure get the Carbon. It is outstanding value. I also own other better tables including a higher Project model.
Thanks for the feedback all. Despite the extra $100 clearance savings the Debut III carries vs. the full price of the Debut Carbon, you are all unanimous in your recommendation of the Carbon. That's a pretty strong recommendation.

What about the Carbon vs the Rega RP3? The RP3 is a little over twice the price but is also very highly recommended. What will spending more get me? That glass platter sure looks impressive...

I know it sounds like I'm all over the place here. Truthfully I can afford a more expensive turntable but when it comes to vinyl I'm a very casual listener because I have a small collection of old records (that probably need a good cleaning) and don't plan on investing much in more vinyl. Just a way for me to enjoy some certain recordings on occasion that I enjoy more on vinyl than on digital. 90% of my listening will remain on CD/SACD.
RP3 after owning two pro-ject tables.
The Debut Carbon is so good at $399 there's really nothing to discuss until you get to the RP3. I took some of my LPs to a hi-fi shop to audition an amplifier and I was *shocked* at how good the Carbon is. It's my unequivocal recommendation at $500-600 and under. The smartest $100 you can spend is to get a Debut Carbon over a Debut III.

Just a way for me to enjoy some certain recordings on occasion that I enjoy more on vinyl than on digital. 90% of my listening will remain on CD/SACD.
Maybe not, if you get a good enough turntable. Check the sales figures; LP sales have handily eclipsed SACD as the high-res medium of choice.
If now you are talking about spending more money, then YES, the Rega RP3 is going to be an upgrade from the Debut Carbon.
Thanks all. I am considering reconsidering my price range, but not sure yet. For me there are 3 possible price ranges I will decide upon:
1) Debut Carbon @ $400, 2) Rega RP3 @ 1000, or 3) Clearaudio Concept or Rega RP6 or VPI Traveler at the very top of my price range. I haven't calculated what the VPI Traveler would cost with tonearm plus cartridge, so it may turn out to be out of my price range. I don't want to get carried away since I have a relatively small record collection.