Pro-Ject Classic Turntable &

I’m just about to make the jump back into vinyl.

I’m going to get the Classic and wondered what was the “ best upgraded MC cartridges “ you guys/gals have used on it ?

Also, what Phono stages ?

and a brief description of the sound profile 

I've had The Classic for a little over a year now and love it. Had a Sumiko EVO III then it broke. At a friend's recommendation I picked up a Hana EH. Loved my EVO III, but the Hana is no slouch either. I was using an Audio Research PH3 as a phono stage for a bit. Switched the tubes around a couple of times and really dug it. At some point I was looking for a new amp. Ended up with the Moon ACE. Didn't think the phono stage could sound better than the Audio Research. To me, the Moon sounded way better. It really let the music come through. Sometimes I find tube amps can romanticize the sound. 
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