Pro-Ject Acrylic Platter + Record Clamp Issue

I have a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon with a Ortofon 2M Red
I purchased the Music Hall Acrylic platter (which according to numerous sources is identical in every way to the Pro-Ject verion. Neither have any branding.)

I also have a JA Michell record clamp.

With the stock platter the record clamp works perfectly with the little felt ring. Even fairly warped records are corrected nicely.

With the acrylic platter no heavy pressings will work with the felt ring. There apparently just isn't enough spindle for the clamp to hold on to. Unfortunately this means that it doesn't really fully do the job.

The issue seems to be that the acrylic platter top surface is much higher up on the spindle than the stock one.


1. Should I be concerned about this change in height in general?
2. Would the Rega version of this record clamp that indicates it requires less spindle height for function resolve the issue?
3. Would a different record clamp be the solution?
4. Does anyone have this combination? Thoughts?
Try a clearaudio clever clamp
I'd just stop using the felt washer for thick LPs. That clamp can't really apply enough force to correct bad warps with heavy vinyl and the small warps aren't going to affect the sound that much as long as the LP is clamped down to minimize vibrations. Or, you could buy the Michell clamp that's modified for short (Rega) spindles and use it for thick LPs.

I use the same Michell clamp you have on one of my Music Hall turntables and have a threaded Michell clamp on a Michell Engineering turntable. But I've given up trying to correct warped LPs using a clamp and instead invested in a record flattener. It seems to work OK and I don't have to overtighten clamps to accomodate warps anymore.