Pro Audio Amp Recommendations

I am looking opinions on the best of the pro audio power amps for a second 2 channel stereo system. Has anyone had any experience with them and which ones do you recommend. I am looking for stereo amps with 100 wpc minimum, that can also be bridged. I am also looking at amps that retail for under $1K or less.

Thanks and Happy Listening.
If you really insist on pro audio for a home stereo, pick one w/o a fan. I'm not picky about what name is on the faceplate-I just want it to work when I turn it on.

QSC has been very reliable but don't know what model would be best for your application. Call 1-800-356-5844 for sales info
I would not be inclined to use a pro audio amp in my home system (though I have done it before), but being a bass player (and sometimes sound man), and having played out pretty regularly for over 15 years, my favorite amp for the money is QSC. The PLX series is just incredible. However, these do use a fan, which is fairly loud. I think that the Stewart digital amps don't use a fan, and sound very good, though I hear they have reliability issues. I think you'd have a much easier time finding a good high end home audio amp than a fanless pro audio amp that fits your needs.

From an earlier posting:

I happen to have both the CarverPro ZR1600, and a QSC RMX 1450. The QSC is good for 450 watts at very low cost and I bought it for a subwoofer application. I did not expect very good results using it full range, but I hooked it up that way as an experiment, and was pleasantly surprised. It would be a very good choice for a low cost system, where the high power rating would make it possible to use excellent speakers like Maggies (which are not costly themselves but generally require costly power amps).

The QSC does use a noisy fan, and unlike the CarverPro high efficiency digital amp, you cannot safely disconnect it. It is variable speed, controlled by temperature but it never really gets quiet.It may be possible to use a lower noise fan, as is the case for the CarverPro. The best solution is to locate it in a remote location: mine is in the cellar underneath the speakers.

Both amps sport balanced inputs, if that turns you on. Both are very solidly constructed. Warranty is 3 years for the QSC and 5 years for the CarverPro.

Both amps should be given objective consideration. The QSC costs even less than the CarverPro, and I really can't hear much wrong with it. The CarverPro invites comparison with the very best.
Crown, older Bryston. If you don't care about the sound quality BGW
One that is very rare bullet proof and beats the others hands down try the Industrial Research Products. It runs cool and is dead reliable. It's also 100 WPC.