Prize or turkey? MC202

I have a mint McIntosh NC202 amp, with no scratches or blemishes, and all lamps working. I have the manual but no box though McIntosh sells them. 

Id like to sell this amp, here, but don’t know if 1. It is saleable, and 2. Where to start. 

opinions solicited!
I don't understand your question. Of course it's salable. Decide on a price, and list it. If it's too high, you'll know soon enough.
There's an MC205 up for sale for $3750.  For a MC202, maybe try $1995?
Didn't you just buy this a few days ago?  What do you not like about it?
Average selling price of a McIntosh MC202 is $2250.00
List it local pickup only
Seattle is fair size market
iMO no box hurts a heavy dense amp like that
but again a very nice single ended Autoformer amp - really sweet sounding
Thanks. McIntosh sells the box. 
How did you come by it? Have you turned it on and heard it?
I bought it New Years ago, so yes. 

I told a white lie because I didn’t want people running down the repkacement. 

So, yes, it is in pristine condition, but after two decades I’m moving on. 
How many years ago?