Private Messaging

Maybe I'm missing something.

I tried to PM another member and couldn't seem to find a way to do it.  Is it because I have very few posts the past year(s)?  Or has the ability to PM other members been eliminated?




From the home page-upper right corner hit the message icon, and you'll see the link at the bottom of the page. Member lookup-message from there.

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Or, find a post he wrote, click on his username, A drop down box will  appear that says 'message user'.

I click on the moniker and then marketplace feedback (the message function is there if allowed by the user).



When you click on the member's name, it shows a menu. Click on the "Details".
This opens a new page. On that page click on "Marketplace feedback" button.
That takes you to yet another page. On this page you should see "Send Message" button.

Hope this helps.

I've tried the first two suggestions and I don't have the ability to pm anyone.  I'm thinking it's because I haven't posted anything for a while and as a result, the ability to pm anyone gets terminated until you get so many posts.  I'm pretty sure that when I was a new member I had to have x number of posts before I could PM anyone.

Or, just today, I responded to a public post where I wrote that I'd sell a poster my Bluesound ode streamer/dac.  It was quickly removed by a moderator because it got flagged as spam.  I probably should have known better.  In my defense, I've been out of the loop for such a long time.... I never gave it a second thought.

Thanks for the suggestions!

@malatu ,

It got deleted because it sounded like you were trying to make a private transaction while leaving AG out of the loop. Strictly forbidden.

Question: Is the ’message user’ coming up for you and just not working?

Click on my username and try messaging me.

Ok.... i can click on any user name and the window opens where I can click on "Message User".  This happens everywhere except when I click on the original posters name in the original post.  When I try that, I get directed to their "user home page", but with no way to PM them from there. 

Thanks for all the suggestions. 

What’s his name?

He may have been suspended and that’s why you can’t message him.

Don't remember of the top of my head.

I've since learned I can PM him if I click on his name in any of his posts except his first post in the thread (he was original poster).  When I click on his name in the original post, I'm directed to his member home page.  If I click on his name in any of his subsequent posts in the thread, I get the drop down menu that allows me to PM him. 

Thanks for the help and persistence!