Priscilla Ahn Sibilance

Very new to hifi and just started a new system with a Pro-Ject Xpression III, Arcam FMJ A18, B&W 683s, using Audioquest Sydney cables from turntable to Arcam. Turntable is still using the Sumiko Oyster cartridge that came with it, and is calibrated to the suggested downforce 18mN.
Anyway, got a 180g pressing of Priscilla Ahn's A Good Day and was noticing a fair amount of sibilance throughout the LP, not exclusive to the inside or outside. If I hook up my mac to the system to play the same songs, definitely don't get the problem (also digital vs analog, I know). Wondering if anyone has A) had this problem with the vinyl, b) has any suggestions (also a loaded question). Thank you.
My copy of Priscilla Ahn's "A Good Day" sounds wonderful with no sibilance at all. You might try dropping the height of the tonearm down just a tad. Sibilance can come from the VTA, (or SRA) being too high. Dropping the rear of the tonearm down will help with this.
My copy doesn't have any sibilance, but the music is extremely ordinary, so it's no great loss. MoFi must think that putting a cute girl in a tee shirt on the cover will get people to buy it. Well, that's why I bought it, but that's me. I played it once and that was enough. If anyone wants to buy it, let me know. (But I'm keeping the cover)

In addition to Mofimadness's suggestion, try increasing VTF by a SMALL amount (like .01g if you can, or the smallest adjustment you can make) and replaying the offending passage. Repeat and continue making a tiny VTF increase each time. If your cart is physically mistracking you'll eventually find a VTF setting that improves things.

Note: that "perfect" VTF will only be perfect for that LP on that day. Cartridge break-in, different weather and different LPs may require further adjustments. The optimal VTF for any rig depends on conditions and is always changing.

It's also possible your phono stage just isn't up to reproducing fast transients or certain harmonies cleanly. What SOUNDS like mistracking very often isn't. I'm not familiar with yours so I can't say how likely that is.


P.S. Chayro, I have several LP covers like that but our optical priorities differ. If you have any with terrible music but cute guys I'll swap you. ;)