priorities-better cables or power conditioning?

Current system; denon 2900, BAT vk30 pre, MF A324 DAC, Odyssey stratos w/cap upgrade and Martin Logan Request for 2 channel. Yamaha rxv 2095/mitsubishi 64" HDTV, paradigm cc350 and monitors for HT. Bat pre p/thru for HT so Odyssey and MLs for front L/R in HT mode. Only conditioning is Monster hts 2000. Monster cables except MIT biwire on logans. All on same dedicated but not heavy duty AC line. Large,well damped room in basement-fully carpeted. Some stridency on higher volumes with music and HDTV via comcast not as sharp as should be, esp sports. Looking for input on best bang for buck-upgrading P/Cs,interconnects to Signal products, or BPT 2+ conditioner, or running separate 20 amp circuit for amp w/hubbell outlets. Audio is 1st priority.
IMO I would run The dedicated electrical lines 1st. Besides your system starving for power, all that digital , mixing in with your analog/power is a disaster and cables will not correct that.
Bob: Dedicated lines first as Darryl suggests.
BTW You have only one HTS 2000?
In other words what do you have plugged in the Monster?
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pretty much everything except the odyssey amp and logans are plugged into the HTS 2000. It's the only conditioning I have so far and I realize it's probably the weakest link. Thanks for the interest. Bob
It all depends on which conditioner and power cables you choose...and how bad your AC is to begin with..and how many components are part of the system.

It's a complicated equation.
1. The last 12 feet of AC to the component is the most important.
2. The more equipment you have, the more you need a conditioner that isolates each component from each other.
3. A dedicated line is always a big improvment.

I do have a HT 2channel combination, as is your case audio is far more important to me than HT.
I had at one time everything in the HTS including the cable signal and stayed that way for quite a long time.
And then went to dedicated lines, improvement. then amp straight to wall improvement, took out all video out of HTS same result improvement. Then plugged ev direct to wall except video that was put in a separate circuit the best so far. Next ev video will be on HTS.

Just sharing my findings, my AC is not that bad but adding the HTS was an improvement vs no treatment nor dedicated lines.
Just for kicks do you have the HTS directly on the floor or rack? If you want to try an easy tweak put it over cones or any vibration tweak you might have.
I did this trick to a friend's system while listening to a CD: paused the disk, put the cones under (hard floor no carpet) and his jaw dropped.
Thanks to everyone for all the ideas-sounds like all agree that more/beefier dedicated lines allowing more separation of components would be a good 1st step. If I"m not happy totally with that I will most likely save up for a good balanced design conditioner (probably a BPT product). In the meantime I will try moving components on and off the conditioner I have (thanks Luis for those ideas) and getting the HTS off the floor on some cones. I've been reading a lot about the Signal cable products and may also experiment with some new Power cords/interconnects as well after I run another dedicated line. Thanks again to everyone!
Dedicated lines and switch to balanced power (+60V, -60V, ground referenced to 0). Enjoy that for a while. Then get fancy power cords, cable elevators, zap the cables with a mapleshade ionoclast, then paint the contact ends with Walker SST.