Prince - Piano and Microphone

Whoa! Picked this up at the library and made the mistake of playing it in the car on the way home. Sounded like the demos they were - kind of disjointed also. Put it on the big rig last night and BAM! It has a sound quality hard to describe - kinda like an enveloping soulfulness, very rich and deep. This is a system demo recording imho. It's that good. Highly recommended. 
downloaded it on Itunes....and do you hear a lot of white noise on the cd?
No. But I have older ears and if high enough frequency I might not hear it. 
Been streaming it on Tidal MQA ever since it was first released, maybe couple months ago.
I was very impressed with both the SQ and the musical content.
A goto recording for me now.
mcondoThank You for posting this Prince disc. I will check it out.
Happy Listening!
I listened to it streamed from Tidal.  Was very very good. Thanks for posting about it.