Prince or whatever he is known as , Wow

I tell you, every time I see something on Prince I become more impressed. I just saw him play on the NAACP awards and he is just one really talented guy. Quite beyond "Little Red Corvette". Sheila E. was rocking too.

Anyone ever see Prince live? I would love to see his show, I bet it is unbelievable.

even though i cant stand the guy's mucis i have to admit he is a very talented musician for sure.
I saw him last year at the Staples Center in L.A. and, yes, he was incredible. One of the best concerts I ever attented!
his last cd was good also
Saw him years ago on the "1999" tour with The Time and Vanity 6. He was unbelievable.
Drove him arround Harlem in my limo...
His vinyl LPs are excellent, too.
Prince's catalog is deep and divers. Most albums include very complex mixes, tons of well-recorded layers, and ridiculously accomplished studio musicians. He's got more in common with Frank Zappa than many would give him credit for. Cheers,

Have you ever seen him in his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction? His portion of the ceremony was the biggest bunch of sanctimonious crap I've ever seen… BUT... his two songs he performed were pretty incredible. He palyed lead guitar with Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers (talk about a paradox) . Petty and his band (which is about as tight of rock band that exists) were playing along in there Pettyesche laid back straight forward rocky way… and then The Artist Formerly Known as Prince started into a guitar solo, and all hell broke loose. TAFKP just took over… he pulled a couple of Jimmy Hendrix moves and then in a very James Brown kind of dramatics had “his people” catch him in a faux fall into the crowed move that was quite startling to the newly designated “back up band.” It was a blatant steal the show theatrics that indeed stole the show. I have to say that I am not one to be wowed by showy performances (although I can appreciate JB with the best of them). I will say that I was absolutely blown away by his guitar playing prowess. He is a showman that can back it up. And I really don’t like his music that much. That’s definitely my problem not his.
I've seen him about ten times since 1987 in clubs, theaters and arenas, he is always phenomenal. The band are always world class, and he is a masterful performer. I've seen him play drums, keys and guitar of course, he plays them all at an extremely high level. On one occasion, I saw him play electric bass for most of the night, trading solos with Rhonda Smith and Larry Graham all night - incredible! Add to this, his voice, his dancing and his relentless energy and you have quite a performer. Definitely worth the ticket price.