I was just reading the latest. If this is true- R.I.P.
Purple One.
Just saw this on TV.  How sad.  He was kind of a weird little guy, but I really enjoyed his music.  Saw him live, in concert once and it was a terrific show.

R.I.P.  Prince Rogers Nelson

Too bad, I guess he really is the "Artist formally known a Prince". Although not a big fan, he did have a real unique and innovative talent that seems to have never been duplicated.

A shocker for sure. A true musical talent who also seemed to surround himself with incredibly talented and beautiful females. Speechless now....


Prince Rogers Nelson. Purple rain is falling in your honor today. Rest in peace.

What really elevated Prince for me, beyond his quirky pop persona, was his facility on electric guitar.
As I look over my music collection, I realize that I don't have any Prince CDs, vinyl or even cassettes. However, I had much respect for his talent. I'm very sorry he's gone! He will be missed.
Unfortunately it is true.  

Bummed, saddened, and totally in the wrong kind of funk. 

R. I. P. 
R.I.P. What a totally gifted and unique talent and another great loss to the music world.
Shocked to hear of his passing at only 57. Apparently he contracted some kind of flu that prompted his personal jet to land before planned and just a few days later, dead. 

I listened on NPR to the engineer who recorded his first album (which landed his contract with WB) and to hear of his talent and his ability to finish two songs per day was amazing. Save for some bass playing he did all the arrangements and played all the instruments himself, and he was only 15 at the time. 

He fused rock 'n roll with the blues differently than the crowd. After finishing a song, the engineer would say "Great cut....it's a hit" only for Prince to say "that's what they expect from me", and not use it at all but instead do something else. Another guy who worked with him from the beginning said he's been putting out about a song a day since forever, leaving lots of stuff unheard.

All the best,

The purple rain album was part of me growing up! , rest in peace my friend. 
I'm really saddened to hear this news. I've always had great admiration for his musical facility in all areas in addition to his transcendent performances which always seemed to me to stand above the rest, he just made it all seem so effortless. I was a big fan in his early years, 1999 and Purple Rain era, weren't many of us? What a great halftime show at the Super Bowl several years back, most memorable.

 RIP Prince Rogers Nelson, you will be missed.
His (3) most pivotal albums are Controversy, 1999, Purple Rain.
Each one set the stage for the next, propelling Him into mega-stardom!
I understand the emergency landing was not for the flu. I'm reading Narcam was administered. That speaks to opiates. Like the rest, I wait for the autopsy report. I shall not pass judgement. 

My sister was taken from us at the age of 53 in july 2014 from heroin overdose. "Heroin is an epidemic". Rest in peace LAW. You are not forgotten.

Very interesting- nutty.
my 1st inclination being a medical provider was something along the lines of the things Michael Jackson was (self) administering. Sad indeed.
I'm confident the full information will become public soon enough. I understand it was Percoet that caused the overdose that caused the landing of the plane. Regardless of the outcome, I pray for his family, friends and fans. 



Sorry for the loss of your sister.

When you mention the Narcam, it kinda makes sense.

a buddy of mine from this site sent me this today :



Thank you for the kind words. 

Prince is one of those guys who has apparently been less in the spotlight in recent years yet musically prolific for many years.  I suspect most people (including me) are only familiar with a very small % of his works. Lots out there for music lovers to possibly explore more over time and find out more about Prince, the prolific  artist and musician.

Nutty, Riley 804, and everyone else, including myself; who has been deeply saddened by Prince's death. I don't mean to detract from this very sad event, but drug overdose is something I brought up on my own thread "Jazz For Aficionados".

Nutty, you have my sympathy for your sister. I know what it's like to watch a loved one die every day they inject themselves, and to be helpless; as a matter of fact, you even have to help them acquire drugs before they die of withdrawal, even though you know there's a good possibility of overdose; that's the agony I've been through.

I hope this Nation can be more sympathetic towards these people who need help, as opposed to "law and order" in regard to laws for drug users.
God Bless his wonderful soul.  He was a great songwriter, and virtuoso on a dozen instruments, and most importantly, a beautiful person.  He helped dozens of young musicians and supported the music community in the Twin Cities.  He deserves a special studio in Heaven.  RIP Purple Majesty !

I think about the mid to late '80's and how much a part of the culture in our area was do to Prince. The clubs, radio, the record stores all had Prince or one of his "side groups" playing. Sheila E., The Time, Vanity 6... Minneapolis. It was Prince country for a few years back then. Really a talented musician. The whole package. We are all pretty fortunate to have witnessed such talent. 
Well, he was more than a "little guy", I'm disappointed in MOFI here!

He was in my opinion, A musical genius!!!

I've listened to his interpretations of several songs, most importantly his guitar solo at the induction of some at the R&RHOF a few years ago. He was the guitarist playing .. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".

One could hear his restraint, all the while , just waiting for something greater to happen! While it didn't.. it IS this fact that no one here seems to notice! Wow!!!

I love/respect your talent!!!

I'm still waiting for Audiogon to accept my termination> ???
Slaw...sorry, by "little" I meant he was only 5'2".  When I saw him in concert, he is really small, but a huge talent.

No disrespect, only commenting on his height...not talent.
Back in the days there was a radio dj in Detroit (electrofying mojo) that would play the uncut unedited version of Erotic City,  anyone else remember that
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I love Erotic City. Prince released many under-the-radar singles like this one.
We treat entertainers... especially musicians... differently than we treat say NFL, NBA, and MLB players (who are also just another form of entertainment). 

The NFL, NBA. and MLB players are shunned for their drug use...but we cast a blind eye to the movie stars, comedians, and musicians that are addicted.  Dads and Moms say to their athletically inclined children... see what happens when you take drugs... but I wonder how many Dads and Moms say... do you know why we lost Michael Jackson...Janis Joplin... among others.  
Excellent point- raks.
In my profession, I witness far too many opioids and sedatives over-doses.

Point taken.

My question would be... In terms of "what makes the news" in the era of music, sports, politics, movie celebrities... "Which one of these four categories, has the most positive effect on your life?

America is the greatest (user) of drugs of any continent today. Let's just establish this as a point of fact. So to somehow transfer to our entertainers, that they are somehow different from our society, as a whole, shows a lack of forethought.

Regarding, which of the four, professions mentioned above that should have the most positive impact.., well, obviously music.

Without music, the arts, we would be nothing! Without music, our lives would be of less worth!
.. let's face it. Without drugs, some of the best music that's ever been made, would have never been possible! Whether or not, this is of worth in the long run.....? Who is to say? A question for the ages.

A love/hate relationship, if there ever was one!
current films about Chet Baker, Miles Davis

You're dead wrong slaw, that's the misconception almost everyone has; those musicians can no more function when they're stoned than anyone else. All drugs cause is "No shows", none of them are going to go on stage looking like clowns; consequently, they just don't show up.

Why so many creative geniuses use drugs is something you will have to ask a psychiatrist.

Enjoy the music.

"Those musicians can no more function when they're stoned than anyone else". Surely you jest! Not just in our time, but throughout history a lot of the greatest art was created while in a state of altered consciousness. This subject came up recently in a thread about Brian Wilson and his Smile album, a direct result of his use of LSD and weed. The Beatles the same with Rubber Soul, Revolver, and Sgt. Pepper. Dylan in his very productive (unbelievably so) amphetamine phase ('64-6). And then there's Johnny Cash (speed), Willie Nelson (weed) and Hunter S.Thompson (everything), Lenny Bruce (weed, alcohol, heroin), Richard Pryor (cocaine at least), George Carlin and Bill Hicks (Bill favored psychedelic mushrooms). The list goes on and on, and could fill many pages. The list of the names of heroin addict Jazz musicians, who did what is considered their best work when addicted, is miles long. 

This is not meant to glamourize drug use, but to acknowledge that they have been widely used by a fair percentage of the most productive, creative people in the Arts, for many, many years. Centuries, in fact. Many of the greatest writers of all time were hopeless drunks, and the 19th Century is littered with drug-addicted writers. But their masterpieces endure because they obviously could function when they were stoned, in fact on a much higher level than most of the rest of us when sober. Would they have been even more productive if they had been straight? Or could it be they would actually have been less productive, or perhaps less creative, without their drugs? Who knows?

Before (and often even in the early stages of) addiction, most drug use can enhance performance and perhaps inspiration.  Drugs aren't banned from the Olympics and other sporting events because users can't function LOL
Not all drugs are physically addicting of course, and that doesn’t necessarily make them harmless fun. LSD damaged and even destroyed a fair number of 60’s era musicians---Syd Barrett, Peter Green, Skip Spence, and Brian Wilson himself amongst them. In San Jose, I would see Mark Loomis of underground garage band legends The Chocolate Watchband (seen in the Roger Corman movie Riot On Sunset Strip) aimlessly walking around our suburban streets in 1969, back living with his Mom after over-indulging in the very dangerous Acid. Timothy Leary has to have been the most irresponsible a-h of our lifetimes.

bdp24,no I don't jest, and I was specifically speaking of heroin. None of those "Jazz" heroin users would go on stage stoned, because they could not perform in that condition. Have you ever seen a heroin addict just after a fix? They're nodding in "la la land", and they can not perform in that condition; no one knows it better than them. If they ever did it once, they wont do it again, not even the greatest, that's why the "no show"

Enjoy the music.
Believe it or not, many professional musicians performed frequently while under the influence of heroin.  Read some of the biographies of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Jerry Garcia, Art Pepper, etc.  Many fans are of the opinion that the Dead even structured their concerts so that Garcia could get a fix if he needed it...

rbbert, a junky is under the influence to some degree almost every day, but not "stoned" to the point of nodding, and a jazz musician will not go on in that condition. Jazz musicians that have been "junky's" used dope for the same reason everyone else uses dope; "to feel good"; it does not enhance their performance, they do not use it with the expectation of getting better.

Since some of the best musicians have been junkys, the public has assumed that dope helped their performance. Can you give me just one reference where a musician said dope helped his performance?

A junky has to have a fix to feel normal but not beyond that.

An alcoholic can drive better after a couple of drinks, but alcohol does not help him drive better, it just steadies his nerves; the same could be said for a junky, but it's not the junk that making his talent, he had that before he started using the junk.
I'm definitely not saying that dope helps their performance, only that performing under the influence, even of heroin, has been commonplace in music, whether jazz or rock, for decades

Actually, I should clarify that to say it doesn’t have to help their performance, but there are a number of situations where it can and probably does (and has done). I don’t think this is really the forum to get deeply into patterns of drug use, abuse and addiction and the effects of this on various types of performance (athletic, artistic, intellectual, etc), but it has been and continues to be studied, and there are few absolute statements that can be made about it

The alcoholic can drive better after he's had a couple of drinks, and the junky musician can play better after he's had his fix; that's for sure. And now you say they can perform better under the influence; there's no way I can argue with that; especially since it has not been stipulated, "how much influence"

Enjoy the music.
Orpheus, Zoot Sims' 'fix' was about pint of vodka consumed often during performance. At the end of performance he often couldn't get up.

Since Zoot had a nice long career, I don't know how much of that pint of vodka is just rumor and myth; may his beautiful soul rest in peace.

Enjoy the music.
Zoot Sims outlived Prince only by 6 years. After quitting a bottle in early 80's the severe damage to his health was already done unfortunately. 
Like mentioned before he needed dose to be comfortable to play or even maybe to drive or pretty much to do anything.
Despite facts I've mentioned, Zoot Sims is definitely one of my picks to listen to tenor sax -- truly one of World's greatest tenor.
Alcohol, though thought of in different terms than (other) drugs, is unquestionably the most widely used and destructive (in terms of how many it has harmed) one known to man. Many lives cut short, and musical abilities destroyed, by the legal and socially-accepted liquid. 
True about alcohol and drugs, but neither of the prohibitions anywhere ever succeeded. Limited amounts of liquor can act more like medicine, excess amounts can even be lethal. Cannabis is my preference. That stuff should be available to anybody at anytime in various forms. Bob Marley surely did not die of cannabis usage, but used it instead of pain medicine during his heavy terminal illness promoting global legalization of herb.
Willie Nelson is another healthy living supporter -- Long Live Willie Nelson and full freedom to cannabis for anyone at anytime!