Primare--shrinking US distribution?

I was looking at some used Primare gear, and wondered what the price new was for some units.  So I went googling, and found very few US-based dealers.  Even then, when I visited individual websites, some google hits no longer seemed to carrying the brand.  When I went to the Primare website, I discovered a new CD player, the 35, that as far as I can see is not distributed at all in the US.  Are they gradually consolidating back to Europe?  Anyone with any first-hand information?  Further, Google tells me that there is just one guy who's the authorized Primare service tech in the US:
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Hi twoleftears (great name BTW)

My response is more a general one, not focused on the brand but more the state of High End Audio.

I'm a designer in the business which at one time had 650 dealerships carrying my RoomTune and Michael Green Audio products in the US, plus 40 other countries.

I've been watching the shrinking of High End Audio happening since the early 90's and best I can tell the community has gone from over 300,000 High End Audio collectors to about 25,000 (for new High End Audio gear). What I'm saying is, while the audiophile listening world is growing the High End Audio portion of that market is in major retreat (Audiophile not being the same as High End Audio). This means that the days of having many dealers and repair shops for the more expensive brands is over.

Having one good service tech for HEA brands these days isn't so bad. Many companies don't even have that. That doesn't mean they can't be serviced but it does mean you may now have to seek the option of a more general service center picking up the load. I happen to have an excellent service center near where I live in Las Vegas.

If you feel you can trust the center you listed, and if you have access to other service centers don't feel weird about approaching Primare directly and making your purchase from them. Most HEA brands are going to be direct if not already.

Michael Green

I noticed this as well. Primare does appear to offer a new cd player (CD35) and a new integrated amp (I35). Over the years,  I have noticed a decrease in dealers/retailers for this brand here in the U.S.A.
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Also Soundings in Denver has been a dealer for years. Great people to work with, Rod, the owner, has many years of experience and a great resource of audio knowledge.
Try, if interested. sorry the link didn’t transfer.
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