Primare I35 Prisma

Hi guys newbie at this forum
I am planning on upgrading my amplifier from Creek Evolution 100 to Primare i35 Prisma. Do you have any experience with i35?
My speakers are spendor a6r and i am using an Oppo 205 for digital.
Alternatively i could go for a gryphon 120 diablo though it is too expensive

Guys sorry for the bump but dont any of you have any experience with i35? I really need some feedback
Have not heard it myself, but it’s getting
rave reviews in Europe.

Very little exposure in the US.  Perhaps talk to Tenacious Sound.

One A'gon member bought the CD35 and was ecstatic.

Did you end up getting the Primare? I just heard the little brother the i25 at the Florida Audio Expo driving a pair of Falcon LS3/5 speakers and it was sublime. One of the most musical and enjoyable rooms at the show IMO. I now want one.
I heard the i35 with matching CD player at Axpona 2018. It sounded very good. Primare had two systems there. The smaller one consisted of an i15 with dd15 cd transport. The i35 has the newer generation UFPD 2 amplification design. 

I use an i22 integrated with onboard DAC for my second system driving Harbeth P3esr 40th Anniversary speakers. I am thinking of getting the dd15 transport to feed into the i22.

If I was in the market to seriously upgrade my main system I would be taking a look at the i35. The Prisma model has some great features. Let us know if you get one and how it works out. Do you have a Primare dealer where you can listen to one?
Still planning on visiting the dealer for a demo. I will inform you guys.
  well I don't know much about this i35 integrated but I can vouch for my Primare i30. the build quality is one of the best I've ever seen and for the SQ it is excellent in my set up.
OP the Primare gear is excellent I would make sure you can evaluate it vs other similarlly priced contenders.

The Primare with streaming board is $5,000.00 and it is 80 watts,

The Micromega M100 is 100 watts and is $4,500.00 with Tidal, Spotify and now is going to be Roon ready a fanatstic piece.

Also the Micromega has a room correction option.

I would find a way to hear the Micromega it is fantastic pure class A/B amplifier very warm and punchy.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Micromega dealers

Did anything ever happen with your Primare audition? I'm still very intrigued by their new lineup but will have to wait for the used market to snag an I25. Just wondering what your impressions were. That audition really stands out in my mind.

I still could not audition the Primare but i am planning to. I am also planning to audition the Bryston B135cubed. There are no reviews so i am very curious about the sound of Bryston as well
Where do you live? There are 2 Primare dealers in the NJ area.