Primare I22 vs I25

First time posting on these forums.
I wanted to get opinions or suggestions regarding Primare Audio.
I wanted to get a sense of how different or not different are the Primare I22 vs I25?
Would you say there is a dramatic difference?
Reason I ask is because I am considering buying a used I22 and am wondering, would I be missing out on the newer Primare Audio Equiment?
Of course, price is s factor too. We're talking about roughly $2000 dollar difference between a used I22 and New I25.
Is the I25 $2K better in sound quality?
Also, I am referring to the analog versions of these 2 IA's.
Any info, especially by someone who has experience with this equipment, would be greatly appreciated.

Hello jay73,
Contact an Authorized Dealer with your inquiry.
The one that I know of is Soundings Fine Audio DTC / Metro Denver, CO.
It is likely that the Primare I25 is worth looking into.
The Primare web site quotes "radical reworking".
The DAC:
" In addition to five analog inputs, I25 Prisma includes a DM35 full-featured DAC stage enabling up to PCM 768kHz/32bit and DSD 256 conversion, as well as Prisma connectivity and control technology"
If the DAC up-scales to 768kHz / 32 then this alone would worth looking into.
Hello Rego,
Thanks for the feedback.
I actually did demo the I25 this past weekend at a authorized dealer here in Southern California.
Of course, the I25 sounded good but is about $3K for the analog version only.
I am actually looking for a analog version because I already have an existing stand alone DAC which I purchased recently.
The previous model I22 caught my eye because it is around $1K used (analog version) and I think it probably is not a dramatic step down from the I25.
I was just hoping maybe someone might actually have some experience on both and could speak to that.
I wanted to bump this thread back up.
Does anyone have experience with these 2 units?
I am wondering if there is much difference between the two as far as sound is concerned, I know the newer I25 has the newer power system, version 2 but does it sound way better then the I22, is what I am wondering.
I am currently evaluating a Vincent Audio SV-500 and it is great but I am also very curious about the Primare I22 and I25.