Primare D20, how do I know what version it is?


I was wondering had any information on how to tell what version I had. Is there something externally that I could destinguish between the D20 mk1 and mkII? Also does anyone know if both featured a 24bit akm dac? I am getting conflicting reports: some say both featured the 24 bit AKM dac and that the MKII changed the philips transport to a sony one. But I know that hi-fi choice stated that they not only changed the transport but also changed from a 20 bit to 24 bit dac... ehhh.

Well am I correct in saying that the philips transport did not feature CD text? My primare d20 does indeed have cd text, but who knows if I am correct in my reasoning.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. I have also seen that some of the D20s have engraved logos on the front facia and top, and some feature just white silk-screening...