Primare BD 32


has anyone here auditioned and/or bought this player?
Like the Lexicon, it is based on an Oppo platform, only has the better Primare innards. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!

I have one fantastic universal player, the only thing in it from Oppo is the drive thats it.

If you google images of the player you will see 4-5 large circuit boards which are all Primares, unlike many other modified Oppo's there is almost nothing at all from Oppo.

The Dac, Analog stage, power supply, all Primare
Many Thanks! Audiotoy-

is it safe to presume that Primare is going to keep stock parts avail for repair? This is my only worry, in that, Primare could (possibly) abandon this player for a future model.

How long have you owned your 32?
Keep me posted & Happy Listening.