Primare A32

I am thinking about purchasing one of the new Priimare A32 amps.
I have not had the chance to voice one as of yet.
I notice that there have been a couple of them up for sale here on Audiogon.
I would really appreciate a small review of impressions of the new amp.
Thanks very much in advance for your advice and council.
I briefly auditioned one, i found it to have a pretty wide dynamic range and it was pretty neutral throughout.

Initially when running it i found no real difference with my lower powered amp in terms of gain. In fact it sounds softer in a way with a very polite presentation but only when you turn it up do you start hearing the wide dynamics the amp is capable of, no compression and it sounds pretty effortless and clean.

I think it's definitely a good buy and will power a lot of speakers well but don't expect a sonic tonality signature. It's seemed too neutral for that.
Similar in neutrality to Copland.
No heavy bass like the old Krell monoblocks.
Just lovely extension of what it is fed.
I am able to use both a valve pre and the Primare Pre 30.
I am over 60 and kind of prefer the tube pre sound
but the s/s PRE 30 reveals a lot more detail and the abilities available with the remote are nice.