Has anyone had a chance to give the new Primare A32 a listen ?.
Or even seen one ?.
I am thinking about buying one in the very near future.
I saw on review online and would like to know more.
Thanks very much
Paired with the Primare PRE30 drives Dynaudio Confidence C1 to die for...

Excellent power amp, I'd say "poor-men" Krell FPB - in terms of bulk, but this is not A-class amp of course. To my ears slightly better than both Rotel RB-1090 and Bryston BSST4... I own Parasound Halo A21 paired with PRE30, so I could compare Primare A32 vs Halo A21 via the same model of preamp. A32 is more "sober" sounding, totally neutral, unlike A21 which is more euphonic and a bit more musical. About 3500Euro in Europe - hard to beat this amp within 5000Eu IMO.

I purchased one about 6 weeks ago and am quite pleased so far. It seems to do a great job of "getting out of the way" and has plenty of power to drive my Martin Logan speakers. And it has all of those sought after audiophile qualities; great transparency but not clinical, sweet treble, and plenty of bass power. It sounds spectacular with vocals.

I consider it a great alternative to other so called monster amps such as Krell (warmer) and Levinson (not that warm) for lots less money.

Bob R.