Primare A30 vs. Plinius 8200

Dose anyone have any experiences comparing Primare A30 Integrated Amplifier to Plinius 8200?
I know, both are excellent amplifiers.
Are there any big sonic differences?
My system: Theta Data Basic CD Transport, Theta DS Pro Basic IIIA D/A, JMLab Speakers, JPS Superconductor+ cables.

Thanks for any advice.

The Primare A30 is less in power at 100wpc but much more refined sounding than Plinius. Build quality is also better than Plinius.
I have owned the previous Plinius 8150i and I now own the Primare A30.1. I prefer the Primare. It claims less power but sounds more open and clean to me. The highs are more refined than the Plinius 8150i but the 8200 may be closer I haven't heard it. Looks and build wise the Primare is the clear winner against most integrateds. It operates very smoothly. I listen to it and do not want another amp for a change. I can't hear a weakness but then again, thats me.
I have Quad 12Ls a Primare D20MKII cd, Kimber 8TC bi-wire speaker cables, Maple Audio Works Ambiance interconnect cables.