Primare A20 or Musical Fidelity A300 ??


I have a Paradigm Studio 40(V3) and Primare D20 CD player.
I'm looking for used integrated amp around $800.
I usually listen classics (concerto, sonata, ochestra) not vocal, jazz, rock.

Do you think which amp is better, Primare A20 or MF A300 ?
Primare makes nice gear. I have owned a Primare integrated amplifier and currently own their HT processor, and can attest to the quality of sound and construction. I'd say that it would be a good call to go for the synergy of a matching Primare component for your CD player.
I have owned both the A20MKII/A300 and the Primare A30.1. I loved the Primare A20MKII. For the money used I doubt it can be beat. The MF wasn't as good a match with the speakers I was using (GR Paradox 1s, Linn Katan and Quad 12L). I thought the A300 sounded detached and just not as sweet sounding as the Primare. Imaging is rock solid as well. Bass seemed leaner but tuneful.
Thank you all.
I decided to buy Primare A20.