Primare A10 or Creek 4330 integrated amplifier

Owners of the Primare or Creek, could you please give me some of your inputs! I am thinking of either one to match a Castle Pembroke. Jazz mostly and some classic rock!
Even thought the Primare more expansive I need some feedback.
There is, right NOW!, a YBA Integre on the Audiogon auction block: no reserve. See if you can get that baby (if the $$ are within your range) Nothing close, particulary what you're interested in, can get in the ring with the Integre. I used to own one. Killer!! I am a jazz man. good luck. peace, warren
The Creek 4330 is one awesome little amp for the price, I am constantly amazed at the fidelity that is possible for around 300 used price.
The primare is a really slick piece of industrial design. Sound is quite smooth and musical. No obvious faults. It does require extensive warm-up time, better left on all the time or in standby mode. Always enjoyable. Remote capabilites are wonderful, will control some philips transports.

The primare is definitely one of those pieces of equipment that makes you feel good using it. I would definitely pick it over the Creek. Also a good alternative to the Audio Analogue Puccini, Audio Refinement integrateds.
it's a smooth amp and very musical - without the usual grain or edgy sound associated with some S/S amps. You may also look at A30.1 which is more expensive but a LOT better in every way.
Hi. This hifi things are so matching-dependent that it's quite useless to say which is better. I have borrowed friend's YBA Integra DT, AA Pucinni amongs many others and picked NAD C370 not because of the price but because of best overall component matching. I am sure all those mentioned above are good but until you hooked to your equipment, anything is possible. Having said all that and if your speaker isn't too power hungry, give Plinius a look. btw, I hasn't heard the Creek/AudioRefinement/Primare. My 2 cts.
I had a chance to compare side by side Primare and Simaudio integrates on the same set up, both broken in. Primare was pretty good, but when they turned on Sim i-5... it was a whole way better: detales, soundstage, everything just opened up...
I owned an A10 for a while and definitely enjoyed it. Some adjectives used by the other postings are warm and smooth which I agree with 100%. The build quality is outstanding and I would definitely recommend it. I moved from the A10 to a Creek 5350se and while the A10 was nice...the Creek was a big step up...go for a used 5350se if you can.