Primare 928 Monoblock design

Is anyone on this forum familier with the Bo Christensen designed Primare 928 amplifiers, and if so can you answer a question for me?

Are the Primare 928 Monoblocks a 'differential' design or not? The answer to this question is critical to my approach when adding a pair of subs to my system.

I have received some good advice on another thread about things I can do to safely connect in the event that the amps are a differential design, but it would be useful to know one way or the other.

I bought these amps on Audiogon many years ago, but don't have the manuals and can't find them on the internet.

Any help appreciated
Hello, i have the 928 manual. I can send you by PDF.
Hi Riscado. I really appreciate if you would send me a copy of the manual.
Thanks and best regards
Hi riscaldo
also me i have a couple of 928 amplifiers 
the number 99 and 100
i don’t have the owner’s guide
if you have .. can you send me ?
thank you 
my mail is
cristiano satariano