I’m thinking about giving a full tube setup a go and Primaluna in particular.  Looking to hear people’s experiences with Primaluna in general. My main draw to them outside of tubes is there auto bias and protective features.  Wondering if people generally replace a single bad tube or if people are replacing all tubes of that type when there’s a failure.  Also would be interested if there were any other companies with at least a similar protective feature. The auto bias sounds great but the protective features are a bigger deal to me.  



DHT and single-ended amps fell out of favor years ago.

Is this a personal observation or are you talking about just the products you sell. I personally am all in on very efficient speakers and low watt power amps and can see that trend expanding (or my knowledge regarding that trend expanding???) SET amps do require some thought regarding speakers but 16 Ohm speakers aren’t a requirement for them to sound good.

My personal observation is I’m more into single ended amps than I’ve ever been and sound wise it would be very difficult for me to give them up and pretty sure I'll still feel this way in 6 months, 12 months ...

If all that vintage stuff is taking up too much space I’d be glad to take it off your hands


@upscaleaudio Kevin, you convinced me when I bought the PL, now I was looking into changing to Decware SET, and you’re convincing me to stay! It’s hard in this hobby to stick to something that works, when you keep reading about other stuff, that you think might sound better, though you don’t know what others base their reviews on. What I know for sure is that the evo400i is hassle free and gives me pleasure whenever I turn it on, and it worked perfectly with all speakers I tried: Joseph Audio, Piega, Tannoy, Klipsch, Dynaudio. And it also runs my Heddphones:-)


I should not be so hard on SET. I get it, it’s fun. But they are touted as being "simpler" and first off, that doesn’t mean anything good and second, that’s not always true.

The great fact is they have a high output impedance. And if they don’t, there will be an additional stage that adds feedback to lower the output impedance. That’s it, kids.

The EVO300 and 400 have push-pull triode, and if you go back to the early days of high-fidelity, that was always considered to be state of the art. Because of speaker control. It’s quieter.

In 1951, David Hafler and Herbert Keroes changed everything. It’s called Ultra-linear. The vast majority of tube amps since have used it, and PrimaLuna allows you to access both PP triode and Ultra-linear from your remote. And PP triode will work better than SE in every parameter.

Now I know....I get it. I see the photos on the Decware website, and I can get all gooey about it as much as anyone, but I’m also pragmatic.

As to the number of amps being sold: 20 years ago I was selling tons of 845’s and 300Bs. Demand dropped. Period.

That doesn’t mean it’s some big deal decline, it means it’s not like mozartfan says and he can make all the videos he wants but he may be causing more harm than good. We get the phone calls from lost newbies that assembled a system that if they were advised properly, they never would have put together.

I love SET. I love bridge SET even more. I love all of it. I love all this stuff. I’m speaking from experience after doing this for 44 years as a living, and making my own mistakes and discoveries. I’m speaking to the uninitiated and there are tons of them here.

EDIT: I got a long letter from a guy just recently that bought the wrong stuff, and how he can’t afford to change it now because of the financial loss it would mean. I hate that.

If you can afford to experiment do it.  Have fun.  I've had the luxury of trying it all.  Audio is not just about measurements ONLY.  If you have the jack to do it, why not. 





What is popular and what sells doesn’t necessarily equal performance. When a dealer mentions something as best selling I think of pop music and light beer. VIVA makes SETs Decware, AirTight, WAVAC, Mastersound, Luxman, Cary Audio Yamamoto sound craft, Jadis, Audio Note I could do on and on.

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