I’m thinking about giving a full tube setup a go and Primaluna in particular.  Looking to hear people’s experiences with Primaluna in general. My main draw to them outside of tubes is there auto bias and protective features.  Wondering if people generally replace a single bad tube or if people are replacing all tubes of that type when there’s a failure.  Also would be interested if there were any other companies with at least a similar protective feature. The auto bias sounds great but the protective features are a bigger deal to me.  


I paid the shipping, box was thrown around by shipper who seriously damaged it.  I brought amp back here at my expense and repaired all damage.  Then you didn't want it back so I completely refunded all of your money.  Amp has been out in the world ever since with no problems.   My point was you never heard the amp and were offering opinions that were not based on an amplifier that was undamaged and completely run in for 200+ hours.

You’re gonna need to do better than that Don. Speaker terminals sticking out of the box means all the popcorn shifted to one side and the only thing protecting them were 2 pieces of cardboard.

My point is that to hear an amp, it needs to actually turn on.

It did have a very silent noise floor when it didn’t turn on...I’ll give you that.


Did you realize you can purchase a tried and true 60  Watt tube amp actually built in America 

VTA ST-120 WIRED and TESTED amp with a complete tube set with Sovtek 6550 output tubes > $1780 + shipping

Tubes for HIFI ST-120 assembled 

Kits are even cheaper

I have a PL EVO400 amp.  Best amp I’ve heard, and I’ve owned a lot.  True balanced, single ended, auto bias, 4, 8, 16 ohm taps.  Can be used as a stereo or mono amp. Uses any tube you put into it. El34, kt88, kt120, kt150, etc.  Incredibly great sound, non existent noise floor, triode, ultra linear.    Sounds like silk.   What’s no to like, come on man!