PrimaLuna vs Mystere

Has anyone made direct comparisons between PrimaLuna and its higher-end sister brand, Mystere? I would venture a guess that they should perform quite similar, but I wonder if Mystere uses better parts which may result in superior sonic performance?

Also, what is the overall general consensus on the sound of Mystere? I've read some reviews that it doesn't express the typical valve sound, but I wonder if anyone here has experience with their preamps and amps. I guess characteristics of their 'house sound' is what I'm looking for.

I'd appreciate any insight! Thanks in advance.
I have a Mystere CA-21 preamp and love it. I haven't compared it to the PrimaLuna. The Mystere is beautifully built and is very musical with natural tone and timbre, deep, wide and high sound stage, tight bass, and natural mids and highs. I do not have any desire to replace it. It has been very reliable and quiet in operation.
"Mkash3...but I wonder if Mystere uses better parts which may result in superior sonic performance?"

I believe you have that backwards. Primaluna is the higher quality choice.
AOL, from Mysteres' FAQ section:

"No, PrimaLuna and Mystère amps are not the same amps...the Mystère line has received a bit more attention for the cabinet design and that the parts used are of a slightly better level. Both good reasons for a slightly higher price for the Mystère products."
Why not call the distributor?If anyone can tell you the scoop it's Kevin.
The obvious difference is features, which I like on my Dialogue HP.The Dialogue series can switch from UL to triode. The Mystere does have that nice stepped volume control, but both use premium parts. Aesthetics are subjective-I like both, but don't care for the Black only finish of the Mystere.
The Dialogue series appears to be very similar on many levels with the Mystere, but Kevin certainly would be the authority.
Not a bad choice either way.
Mkash3,I was really thinking of the top preamps from both brands. The Primaluna DiaLogue Premium Preamplifier vs. the Mystere CA-21 preamp.
The Mystere CA-21 is clearly superior to the Primaluna Dialogue, but, alas, it's long out of production.

I found a used one on Audiogon a few years ago, and have since added a PA-21 power amp, which I also luckily found here.