Primaluna Two : cables, tube rolling ...

I have a Primaluna Two and I'm thinking upgrade. Actually I use a Van Den Hul D102 interconnect, Van den Hul Mainsstream power cord and stock tubes.
I listen mostly pop-rock(80%) and jazz(20%)
Has anyone experimented with interconnects, speaker cables, tube rolling ? I am very interesting in your opinions.
I sell the Omega Mikro/Mapleshade cables and they work wonderfully with The PrimaLuna.Please contact me if you wpuld like assistance-Tom.

I have owned the Prima Luna Prologue Two (integrated amp) for 10 months and the Prologue Five (power amp) for 5 months. After about 3 months, I replaced the stock tubes on the Prologue Two with Svetlana K88's; NOS Sylvania 12AX7's; and NOS Mullard 12AU7's. What prompted the purchase is that one of the stock tubes burned out and I figured that it was a good idea to have a spare set. I purchased the tubes from Upscale Audio (where I purchased the amps). I am still using the stock tubes that came with the Prologue Five.

For both amps, I am using IXOS Silver Gamma 1001 interconnects (silver/copper hybrid); Signal Cable Classic Speaker Cables; and Cardas TP5 power cords. I have used these assorted cables in a variety of systems over the last 4 years. I like the way silver/copper hybrid interconnects sound ... good detail with pleasing bass and treble. Additionally, I also like the sound of Better Cables and Signal Cable Silver interconnects with these amps.

Changing the tubes has made for a more elegant, smoother, and more refined sound. The stock tubes were more than OK, but the new tubes really brought the amp up a notch. If you have the extra $200 to $300 burning the proverbial hole, try a new set of tubes.

Regards, Rich
I run my Pro-2 with JJ KT88 ,Ei 12ax7 and NOS Tungsram Industrial Grade 12au7.Much more refined sound than stock.PC is a Blue Circle BC62 which is quite neutral. IC from the Cary 303-300 is Kimber Hero.
I also own the Prologue 2, with Rega Jupiter CDP, Rega P25, and Wilson Benesch Arc speakers.

I retubed using Electro Harmonix KT88s, RFT 12au7s, and Groove Tube 12ax7s. My cables are Harmonic Tech Truthlink IC and Pro 9 speaker cables. The power cord is the VH Audio Flavor 2.

The P2 is an awesome amp!
Although no longer an owner of the PL2, which I enjoyed until upgrading, I still have, and will sell, some power tubes that raised the performance appreciably. These are GT (Groove Tube) KT88s of early '90s vintage. I have one quad with very little use (100 hours?) and one pair that is NOS, used only for checking that they work. Both the quad and the pair are graded in the higher levels of GT's assessment hierarchy. Will price very attractively for someone who wants all six.