Primaluna Tube System

Hi. I am currently running a Primaluna Prologue 3 preamp into a vintage McIntosh solid state amp (MC-2105). I have been wanting to go all tube for a while, and thinking of two possible options.

I have an opportunity to buy a Primaluna Prologue 5 locally for $800 to pair with my Prologue 3. Alternatively, I've thought of selling all my equipment and waiting for an opportunity to buy a used Dialogue Premium integrated amp. What I am wondering is what are the advantages of each option. I have heard great things about the Prologue 3/5 combo. Would I be getting a huge improvement in performance, to justify selling my amp and preamp and the additional cost, by jumping to the Dialogue integrated?

My speakers are Vienna Acoustics Hadyn Grand bookshelf. Many thanks for your suggestions.
I have a Dialogue 2 and like it very much; however in your case, if you like the Prologue 3, I would go ahead and take that Prologue 5 - seems like a good price, and would be much less than moving to the Dialogue.
FWIW I used the PL 1 and the PL3 & PL5 combo for about 5 years. Frankly I found the PL1 very pleasant. The 3&5 combo had greater transparency but the PL5 was a tad lighter in the bass, perhaps it was just that it was 'tighter' than the PL1. Good but not great stuff, IMHO.

Like Learsfool I have and use a Dialogue 2 and like it much. Took a little experimenting with power tubes as well as pre-amp tubes to dial in a tone that I wanted so it would match my speakers but it was worth it. It has a nice combo of warmth and transparency. Personally if I could find one used I'd save the $1000+ difference you would have to pay to get the Dialogue Premium and get it.

I had a Prologue 3/5 setup two years back now.
They really opened up once I changed the stock tubes to vintage pieces. The only new issue tubes were Gold Lion KT-77's in the Prologue 5.

Al. Wise
Thanks. I bought the Prologue 5. Sounds pretty good with the Prologue 3. Certainly it throws a huge soundstage. The highs seem perhaps a little harsh. Maybe this is just a matter of break-in. The seller of the Prologue 5 claims he bought it and almost never used it, and it looks absolutely brand new. The other possibility, I think, is that I should change tubes in the PL Prologue 3. Right now I have some cheap JJ tubes for the 12AX7s in the PLP 3. Any recommendations for replacing these tubes?
Hi Md30 - I have yet to change the stock 12AX7's. I have, however, changed the stock 12AU7's, (one of them died on me), and I actually regret going with a similarly priced brand. The stock ones were a little better, and the next time I need some, I will go back to them, unless I decide to try something else entirely. Supposedly the 12AU7's make the least difference in the overall sound, but it was noticeable nevertheless.

As far as power tubes go, right now I am using some EL34's in my Dialogue 2, Electro-Harmonix. And yes, the highs may be a bit harsh until the tubes have been in use about 50 hours or so, depending on the tube, really. I have obviously not done a whole lot of tube rolling, so any experiences you have to share would be appreciated.
Md30, If you want to 'tone' down the highs a bit, you might try some current production Mullard 12AX7's in the pre-amp - if there is no change there you might try them in the amp and see if that makes a difference. If it works in either, you might extend the thought to the other devise and have them in both.

FWIW I'm currently using the Mullards in both of my Dialogue units and they make a difference which is easily audible.

Learsfool, If you are looking for EL34's which are not harsh at all, try the JJ E34L's. I use them in my Dialogue One and they produce an excellent mid range (where all the music resides). :-) Tube depot sells them for 13.99 ea. Doesn't get much cheaper, and they will do a 24hr burn in and matching for 1.50 per tube. I've never tried them in my Two so I really can't predict how they will sound, but I do prefer their tone to my longstand preferred SED EL34 I've used in other amps.

In my Dialogue Two I'm using Tungsol 6550's and the Mullards. With my speakers this produces a nice warm full sound which is both sufficiently revealing AND relaxing. It lets me relax from the audio angst which hangs around my house and just enjoy the music. A winner for me!

I don't find the 12AU positions very critical in Dialogues - I presently use JJ's, EH's, or EI's. Right now I'm using the JJ's.

Hope that helps a bit.
Thank you for the recommendations. I will pick up a pair of the Mullard tubes this weekend. Someone else recommended the Genalex Gold Lion 12AX7 reissue. Might get a pair of them as well and compare them with the Mullards in the preamp.

Now for a bit of a shocker. My mother-in-law heard my stereo a few months ago, and asked me to find her something that would sound "similar," on a minimal budget. So I picked her up a Luxman R-115 a month ago, and tonight I found her some old PSB 400 speakers. Just set up the receiver and speakers for her. Darn the mid-range is wonderfully rich and smooth on this setup, which cost less than $200. Makes me want to replace my Vienna Acoustic Haydn Grand speakers with 3-way, larger bookshelf units. Anyone have recommendations for speakers that match well with the Primaluna? I am seriously tempted to find a more recent version of the PSB 400.
Al. Wise can you specify which NOS tubes you are using? Thanks.
My best results were using either Sylvania or RCA long plate 12BH7A's in place of the 12AU7's and Telefunken's or Bugle Boy's in the 12AX7 slots.I aslo had good results with Raytheon black plate 5963's, but I liked the 12BH7A's the best.
My best new production 12AX7's were the Black Sable cryo treated Sovetek 12AX7LPS tubes from Tubedepot.

Al. Wise