Primaluna tube gear

Are the rave reviews from the rags correct on this brand ? I see what seems like alot of only a few month old pieces for sale here often. Anyone own any ? What are your impressions ?
Geez ... where is this coming from? There are three PL items for sale now. There are rarely more than a handful for sale at any time. There are 30 plus Naim pieces for sale today ... would you sound the alarm for Naim?

Many PL owners, threads, and reviews on this site. Search the archives.

I'm extremely happy with my Dialogue1. I also currently own two Cary amps, a V12 and 300B SEI. Over the years I have owned many top brands including ARC, a RM10, Forte 4, and so forth. The Primaluna amps travel in that company. High build quality, easy to use, tube rolling a delight with the auto bias feature, tailor your sound as it takes many different tubes. I like its looks; but, most important they sound really good to me, all the audiophile attributes are there in spades. System synergy is important as always. And Kevin Deal at Upscale is a first rate high end distributor.
Rest easy my friend. This brand is excellent. I don't own it but I have a close friend who does and I have spent many hours listening to his system. He owns a preamp with built in MM phono and a stereo amp, both Signature models purchased at RMAF in 2010. You cannot pass judgement on any performance criteria for a component because they hit the for sale rack on A-Gon. Wait long enough and you will see everything from the cheapest to the most expensive listed here.
In this video it's claimed that Primaluna's adaptive bias circuit is the only one that adjusts the tube bias as the gain increases. Is it really the only one that can do this? There are other auto bias tube amplifiers out there.
I owned a PrimaLuna ProLogue One for a time. The unit was heavy and sturdy, but sounded, well, heavy and sturdy. Granted, the ProLogue One was the cheapest in the lineup, but I had a Sophia Electric Baby amplifier that was a far better sounding amplifier and cost about a 3rd of the price. My 2 cents anyways.
Bought a Primaluna PL2 5 years ago. Upgraded the rest of my system several times sill have the Primaluna.
I am running a Primaluna Prologue Three preamp feeding a Prologue Five amp.
I found the stock Chinese tubes to be lacking.
In the Prologue Three I replaced the rectifier tubes with early 60's Mullard 5AR4's, the driver tubes with NOS 60's German RFT/Philips 12AU7's, the input tubes with 60's Telefunken ribbed plate 12AX7's.
In the Prologue Five I replaced the Output tubes with a new quad of reissue GL KT-88's, the driver tubes with late 50's Sylvania long black plate 12BH7A's and the input tubes with new Black Sable Cryo treated Sovtek 12AX7LPS's.
My tube rolling has really made these Primalunas sound wonderful. They are not leaving anytime soon.

The inspiration for my recent foray into tube hifi (plenty of tube guitar amp experience prior to this obsession) was partly inspired by hearing a Primaluna integrated a friend was raving about and a VTL I liked. Consequently I bought neither and instead bought a new Jolida JD502P amp with the "factory" upgrade mods, and stuck KT120s in it. It's inexpensive, sounds beautiful (I use a SS pre), and the "ez bias" works perfectly. There are zero "official" reviews of the thing and no advertising. Amazing. I think the Primalunas are beautifully made, but based on my informal comparison of a at least a few tube amps, I think this Jolida is a giant killer, so to speak.