Primaluna - seeking opinion from any owners

I am a long ways from a city.

Do you look well built like the pictures or is it an airbrush job?

Do you like the sound?

I want tubes but no time or desire for repairing. What is your opinion. Help please!

I posted my experiences with the Prima Luna here in Audiogon .

Based on my experiences with the Prima Luna Prologue Two, I traded in my Musical Fidelity A300 power amp in my main system for a Prima Luna Prologue Five.

To answer your questions ... yes, it is extremely well built. It is probably the most enjoyable and musical amp that I have ever owned (I am in this hobby for 35 + years). It is absolutely a no fuss, no bother amp.

To add ... the stock tubes will serve you very well ... if you upgrade tubes, you will be treated to additional refinement. The Prologue Two works well with a variety of speakers. I have paired it with Acoustic Research 302 (classic series from 1995; acoustic suspension design; 10" woofers), as well as NHT SB2 monitors and currently Omega Super 3, high efficiency single driver speakers. Sounds great out of the box.

As you can tell I am a big fan. I have found no faults with either the Prologue Two or Five.

Regards, Rich
I am the happy owner of a Prologue One. Great build quality and wonderful sweet smooth sound. No fuss - no mess. Just great music. Isn't that what it's all about.


I have owned a Prologue Two for about six months. What you see is what you get, the pictures on Upscale's site are 100% accurate. It is very well built, sounds great and requires no effort to maintain since it uses an "autobias" circuit. Great choice. You could spend a lot more and get less for your money. As you can tell, I am happy with the product.
Prologue 2 owner-couldn't be happier.I believe the last issue of TAS has the separates reviewed.Dependable and great sound.
I recently received my Primaluna Dialogue 2 from Upscale Audio. I had been listening with a Cary SLi-80 Signature, and I honestly prefer the new PrimaLuna. It's incredibly dynamic, as fast as most top shelf solid state gear AND it has a brilliantly smooth tube sound. It delivers much more power than my Cary, too, easily pushing my JM/Focal speakers with authority. I'm really a convert to this gear; it sounded wonderful right out of the box, and gets better bythe day.

It's not as impressive, cosmetically and design, as the Cary equipment. But the look is clean, and the build quality seems excellent.

the rustler
own a dialogue one for one year and can say that it is very well built. just as powerful as my 100 watt ss amp driving 85 watt db speakers with absolutely no problem.
Highly recomended
I have owned and enjoyed my Prologue 2 for 2 years . I have had zero problems and tons of enjoyment . Tube rolling is a joy , it is plug-n-play . Turn it on and enjoy the music . A tough act to follow especially at the rediculous price that they sell for !

Good luck .