Primaluna Prologue Two

I have just purchased a Primaluna Prologue Two Integrated and I must confess that I like what I'm hearing so far. The world of tubes is new to me and I have heard so much about how one can tweak the sound by rolling tubes. My first question to which I hope to get a straight answer to is?. Are the Primaluna tubes that come with the unit bad to the point of warranting a complete tube change. Looking at the Upscale Audio site under tubes the primaluna tubes are on par with many others in so far as price. Second question if there are any owners of the Prologue Two what tubes have you changed and what have been the benefits of the change, also what tubes make the biggest difference. I will eventually like to change all of the tubes but not at the moment, so were do I start and get the most sonic improvement for my investment.
Listen to it for a while and get a feel for the sound . Then , when you have an idea what you want to change , call Upscale and try their suggested changes .

You will probably notice the greatest change rolling the small tubes .

Good luck
Thanks for your reply. I guess the longer I listen to the Amp the more I would be able to tell what I would like to change. I have heard that the 12AX7 make the most difference just wanted to make sure and hear from users that have rolled the mentiond tubes.
Take this for what it is worth as I don't have your amp - to my ears the Gold Lion KT88s in yours are more musical than other new issues with the exception of Shuguang Black Treasures - more dynamics (have had both in my Ayon Spirit)

For 12ax7s might try NOS Tungsol 5751s ;For 12au7s NOS RFTs (similar in sound to RCAs)- used them together in a Cronus Magnum; also very much like Mazfa CIFTE in my Ayon

Like Saki suggests probably best to ask Kevin at Upscale
Congratulations on purchasing a PL2. I have been using both the PL2 and PL5 in my systems since 2005 and I have not felt the need to change amps at all.

Changing out the preamp tubes (12AX7 & 12AU7) will make the most noticeable difference at this point. Speak with Kevin. He will undoubtedly recommend something like NOS tubes from Mullard and Sylvania. They are worth the extra cash.

I would stay put with the power tubes at this point. Over time you can see if you prefer KT88s to EL34s to 6CA7s, etc.

Hi Ross - I use a Dialogue 2. It came with KT88's, and I did change to some EL-34's, but I believe the Prologue 2 comes with EL-34's anyway. I would be interesting in hearing the other posters reasons for why the preamp tubes make a bigger difference than the power tubes? I have always heard the opposite. I have never tried switching the preamp tubes. The power tubes make a pretty big difference, at least between types.

Also, if this is a new unit, and you are using new tubes, there will be a "break-in" period of about 200 hours. I certainly wouldn't switch out any tubes before that point. You will definitely notice changes over that time in the tubes that are in there.
Thanks for all the replies. The Prologue Two came with KT88 and a friend has some EL34 which I borrowed and tried. I prefer the KT88, fuller sounding to my hears anyway. I will try rolling the preamp tubes first and take it from there. The unit in question was a store demo so I'm not sure how many hours are on it. I will probably wait a month or so before making any changes.
The 12AX7's that come with the PrimaLuna are very good; however, I would replace the 12AU7's with NOS RCA black top or clear top. I recommend Brent Jesse if you don't already have a "tube monger". In my opinion, NOS tube should be bought from "tube mongers" only.

The tubes I recommended are best for jazz and female vocalists. The tubes you select will be whatever is best for the music you like.
Leersfool, the poweramp's job is to duplicate the signal it's fed from the pre. If you improve the performance of the pre, the amp is supposed to duplicate it. Since power amps are closely related to the speaker, I believe speaker amp synergism accounts for the biggest difference there.
I would burn the amp for like 100 hours at last to begin with. After that change all that shity tubes that she came with.

You will be shocked hou PL2 sounds like after tubes upgrade, its much lifelike, controlled, musical and all that.

I highly recommend NOS Mullards 1950-60's made 12au7 and 12ax7. As for KT88, the best are NOS GEC KT88 or EAT made. The best EL34 are NOS TESLA and Mullards.

If you can effort, go for the best.